Glass BODY FAT scales. £14.99 in-store @ Lloyds Pharmacy

Glass BODY FAT scales. £14.99 in-store @ Lloyds Pharmacy

Found 16th Jan 2007
The new Lloydspharmacy Glass Body Fat Scales are exclusive to Lloydspharmacy and available at the amazing price of £14.99 - a saving of £35 for a limited time only.

Lloydspharmacy Glass Body Fat Scales:

* 8mm toughened safety glass
* Large display
* Modern, attractive design
* Automatically identify the users body fat percentage, body mass index and their weight
* Stores up to ten profiles
* Fast and accurate results in seconds
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Is this in-store only?

EDIT - I think it is, so I'll add that and the price to the thread title
Yes i think so..but there are loads of Lloyds pharmacies all over. They even have a hand held body Fat calculator for £4.99
Thanks for the post Good price and hopefully they have some left as it's been running since October 2006 ;-)
Small word of get what you pay for.

Myself and my friend got a set of these a few months ago. Mine were broken out of the box, the display panel wasn't attached properly to the glass and just flapped about uselessly. Lloyds exchanged them no bother for me but the second set broke after 5 weeks, they just have a high pitched continual beeeeeeep sound and do nothing. Needless to say I have no idea where the receipt is and as I paid cash..........

My friend's set seemed to work ok but they have given erratic readings lately which suggests that hers are on the way out / faulty as well.

I'm sure there are plenty of these scales that do work, but going on the odds I know about, I think I'd pay extra and buy Tanita ones.
I hate these scales. One minute I'll way myself then I'll yep back on right away and I'll be a pound heavier . It's so weird!
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