Posted 5 February 2023

Glasses Direct 2 Pairs of Glasses for £19.95 delivered with code (New accounts only) @ Glasses Direct

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About this deal

I found this code for new customers at Glasses Direct.

2 pairs of glasses for £15 - works out at £19.95 including delivery!

Choose 2 frames from the £49 range and use the code for the discount.

You must choose basic lenses for this price - to select the basic lenses, ignore the package options on the lens page, scroll down to the bottom and
click the blue writing that says "continue with basic lenses"
Glasses Direct More details at Glasses Direct
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    I got the 15 quid deal (which was more like a 19 quid deal when postage is added). Had to send them back - the lack of anti glare gave me the most dreadful headaches.
    Their no quibble return was as good as gold though and I bought two more pairs with anti glare. A bit more money, but very happy with the result.
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    Thank you! I just ordered 2 pairs with the extra lens add ons, it was £90. In specsavers it was £230. I had to do a bit of work, investigating the measurements and the prescription though, but it's worth it
    Is that with thinned lens?
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    Does this price include the prescription lenses?
    Yes it includes basic prescription lenses (no anti glare etc although you can add that on). To get the basic lenses, when it comes to the lense selection page just scroll down to the bottom and there's writing in blue that says something like - continue with basic lenses.

    Hope that helps!
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    Wow great deal just ordered two pairs
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    Nice ,missed the 14 quid deal
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    This is great
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    Great price. 🔥
    For anybody like myself who has a high prescription ( more than +-4.00) that most sites won't touch give SelectSpecs a go. It's mental going from paying around £160 a pair to just over £20.
    Yes but it's all relative.

    Comparing brick & mortar store with online only store? Try getting adjustments free of charge on same day from online only store than drop in anytime anywhere you want from brick & mortar high street chain store.

    True as ever, you pay what you get. Just take a look at the high streets banks, closing everywhere.
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    Course not as good the 2 for £14 offer they have regularly but who knows when thatll come back around. Ordered, heat.
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    It's a good deal. Thanks for posting.
    I am looking for something similar for verifocal lenses. If anybody has come across something similar, please let me know. Thanks in advance.
    Same, varifocals really do crank up the price
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    Does it work with two different prescriptions for 19.95? Tia!
    I don't know but I think it would be easy enough to try and see!
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    Looking for the best deal around for a single pair of glasses, any suggestions?
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    I went with the last deal for spare reading glass but they emailed me back asking me to send a copy of my prescription which i didn't have... Had to spend another 25 on eye test just for that... Any other cheaper way around?
    Some workplaces let you claim eye tests on expenses, worth asking if you use computers
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    Dont forget the extra charges for the lens coatings and if you need you lens thinning down.
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    I'm gutted I have an arm length requirement of 135mm on my glasses, the site doesn't have any men's glasses with that size less than £99
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    Does anyone know how long it takes for delivery?
    I ordered 30th January received despatch this morning and says 1-2days for delivery 
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    Chose 2 pairs of £49 frames with as basic lenses as I can get and it’s still saying more than £40?

    You've upgraded to the bronze lens package - when you're on the page selecting the lenses, scroll down to the bottom and there's some blue writing that says something like - continue with basic lenses. Just click that and you'll get the basic lenses
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    They messed up my order last month. I returned them. The claimed the problem wasn't there's as my prescription was in shorthand and there prescription computer system couldn't read it.

    My prescription was a generic run of the mill one from a UK optometrist

    I eventually received a refund.

    I won't go near then again. Too much hassle (edited)
    It's a shame you've had a negative experience. I've order many times from GD and never had a problem. Maybe you've just been unlucky!
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    Has anyone one got a code that gives the best discount please on varifocals with the kodak lens. I only need one pair😳