Glassesdirect 2 for 1 from £55, plus 50% off

Glassesdirect 2 for 1 from £55, plus 50% off

Found 12th Feb 2016
Glasses direct standard deal of two or one from £55 but use the promo code "LOVE" for half off the price , picked up two pairs of £75 glassss for £41 with postage! I've had two pairs from here before and they're great. Only not available on boutique range
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I was so impressed with this UK based company's quality I recently bought 4 pairs.
Excellent quality value and service.
All my glasses for the past 4 years have been from glasses direct. Excellent company.
yes, after years of only owning a couple of pairs of specs from a high street shop (my eyes are tested regularly but haven't changed prescription), i have shopped a lot with this firm.. but nearly always using the MSE code (which has improved over the last year)... so wait for the £30-odd discount code before shopping on the £55 range, use GlassesDirect usual 50% codes for £65+ range, and if there's something you like in a sale, eg £125 down to £50, add it to a £55 item and use the MSE code for further savings.

so hot for reminding us of this company, which i prefer over specky4/goggles/selecta-whatever, but they offer a 50% code every time, so not a new deal......
Bought two pairs with a better offer from them 3 months ago and just had a fields test at the hospital and they measured my glasses and the axis measurements for the glasses were well off what I ordered! Just be wary that what you order isnt what you will receive. To be fair, I can see out of my glasses but they arent built with the same level of attention to the prescription more expensive glasses would be (hopefully! oO) seem to have some good offers - has anyone used them?
ok... as i said, waiting for a code pays off....

and to correct my maths in #3, it's £36 off and free delivery, which gives you £19 for 2, £29 for 2, £39 for 2... depending on the price range
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