Glen fan heater 2kw £9.99 @ sainsburys

Glen fan heater 2kw £9.99 @ sainsburys

LocalFound 10th Mar 2014
Good deal reduced from 19.99

Gives out heat vry quick
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I'd be worried if it didn't give out heat very quick...! (_;)

Gives out heat vry quick

This a hint at which button to press?
Is this in store?
Hot good price but for anyone on a tight budget, home&bargain sell a 2kw fan heater which is very simmilar for £7.99 standard price....
Or if you don't have a home bargain near or are happy to pay 25p more for home delivery from a great company this is also cheaper:…344
glen heaters are rubbish

people buy them because they are cheap, but buying a replacement every year is not good (and thats running it on no1 setting)

ceramic fan heaters are more expensive, but tend to be much better quality

too late, its spring now.
The 2kW fan heater from CPC is on offer at £6.18 incl VAT & delivery until 14 March (normally £9.90 as Flora didn't include VAT),

They also have a DeLonghi 1.8kW ceramic heater on offer at £19.72 (normally £27.30),

5.1% cashback available from iMutual (based on prices excl VAT).
Q: Does this do exactly the same job as a Dyson one that costs £300?
A: Yes.
This was on clearance in Winnersh Sainsburys for £5.99, bought one,seems alright, and looks like this is owned by Dimplex brand!
The CPC fan heater is still available for £6.18 until 18 April with this link…406
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