Glen Marnoch Islay single malt scotch whisky limited reserve 70cl  - £17.99 @ Aldi

Glen Marnoch Islay single malt scotch whisky limited reserve 70cl - £17.99 @ Aldi

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Found 7th Jul 2015
Speyside also available
Leeds kirkstall road
prob national

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An Islay single malt for this price is not a bad deal. Certainly not cold. Don't know why the negative votes? Heat from me
I think this is the normal price for it, but it gets reasonable reviews for the price, so worth a punt if you like smoky, peated whisky.
Cold voters busy here. probably its normal price and not 10 / 12 years old. descent reviews. Hot definitely at £14.99 As lot aged single malt is being offered by tesco to clear its inventory across stores Thanks for the post.
Anyone tried this? How does it compare to Talisker, Ardbeg etc..
Bought this last week in Aldi Inverness. Scotland. Firstly its un-aged.

If you know your Islay malts, then this is pretty bland in comparison. Its a bit of an odd one, its not bad, but overall it tastes like a £17.99 bottle of whisky, not a £28-35 bottle of Laphroaig/Bowmore/Bruichladdich etc.
On occasions, it tasted quite nice, with light peppery Bowmore note and yet at other times, the same bottle tasted extremely bland, hence my reference to it been an odd one.
If you're not used to Single Malts, its definitely better than a Blended Whisky, and not that bad. Its just not comparable to any of the good Islay brands, but at its price point, its not bad. Its sort of, priced accordingly, its not a bargain.

Would I buy it again, no. I'd rather put the money towards a Branded Islay (Aged-10/12/16years) Single Malt. Would I drink it, if I was offered it - yes. Its drinkable, but nothing to write home about.

Tesco's own brand Islay Single Malt (discontinued?) is much better in comparison, but that is aged - 12 years, so you'd expect it to be.
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