Glen Moray Single Malt Whisky 70cl - Aldi - £11.99

Glen Moray Single Malt Whisky 70cl - Aldi - £11.99

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Found 26th Sep 2011
Volume 40%
Bottle Size - 70cl / 700ml
Whisky Region - Speyside Whisky Region of Scotland

The Glen Moray Distillery - Bruceland Road, Elgin, Morayshire, IV30 1YE
The distillery is found in boggy land near the river Lossie, just outside Elgin.
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I wasn't keen on this stuff as straight Whisky but it is good for a mixer, heat added
Op. Please prove this one. It's 16.99 at my aldi! Had someone scan to double check
Please tell us if this is confirmed or if your reading the price for a different bottle!
I'll swing by again tomorrow and grab a pic I guess. Was deffo the Glen Moray though.

If you could please. Which branch? I thought it was also initially as the price under the moray saud 11.99, but on closer inspection was for the 8 yr old blend underneath. The Glen moray price was above!
It's Beverly road, Hull.
But no i was drawn to the price tag as it said single malt and was £11.99 which seemed reasonable.

Never tried it though so i can't really attest to that.
Personally I really like this one. It got me into malts! It's very easy drinking, sweet, not peaty like some malts. Very enjoyable! I was gonna get a couple bottles, so was a bit disappointed, but hey ho!
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A wee bottle of this and the complete boxset of Still Game and am sorted the noo!
just went back. you were right.
must say i don't like the way aldi but the price tags way above rather than just underneath the products.

anyway, i've hit expire and tried to change the price (but it seemed to spawn a whole new thread for some reason (great...))
No probs. Thanks for checking
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