glenfiddich whiskey £21.99 co op

glenfiddich whiskey £21.99 co op

Found 8th Jun 2013
I cant see if this is online but £21.99 at my local store usually £37.99 great fathers day pressie :-)
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tesco deal is cheaper?
tesco, asda and morrisons £20, sorry but cold
Hmmm shall I buy before my birthday next friday
Hope it comes with the outer bottle case

Hope it comes with the outer bottle case

Mine had the case
Buying it with online shop tomorrow. Delivery man might nick it
Whisky - no e !!

tesco, asda and morrisons £20, sorry but cold

So what if none of those stores are near you - only a Co-op?

People who vote cold for such a reason are irritating, as is anyone voting Cold on this - a reduction of £16 a bottle for a single malt whisky can only be a Hot Deal!
It may well be a couple of quid more than the other supermarkets, but if they're not local or out of stock then whats a couple of quid? if it was advertised as a deal and £10 more than anywhere then fair do's, vote cold but voting things cold because somewhere else has it for pence cheaper is stupid.
That said, its never a £16 saving cos it's never a £38 malt. 12 year old standard £2 less than the 18? ****. They wouldn't age it that long if that was the profit margin. Supermarkets are going to ruin the whisky industry.
Cheaper deals out there.
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