Glenmorangie 15 year old Single Malt £15 instore at Asda

Glenmorangie 15 year old Single Malt £15 instore at Asda

Found 2nd Oct 2007
Found this instore at asda, half price down from £30

Details from "...

This rare Glenmorangie Malt Scotch Whisky has been matured for fifteen years in casks of American white oak, which have previously been used in the making of bourbon and come from the Ozark Mountains in Missouri.

The mature whisky is then transferred to air dried, freshly charred new oak for a further short period of finishing, which adds other unique flavours and an intriguing spiciness.

The result of this care and patience is a single malt whisky of rare distinction, with the subtle and refined characteristics of Glenmorangie all present.

Colour:- Deep golden.

Nose:- Rich and smooth with a distinctive spicy character. The oak notes leap out, with vanilla, walnuts and roasted coffee.

Taste:- Balanced between the dryness of oak, nuts and spices and the sweetness of vanilla, honey and chocolate.

Finish:- The finish is medium to long, with a sweet but slightly peppery aftertaste with cinnamon, coffee and chocolate.

I don't think its actually rare even though its called a Rare Malt I can't see it online though...

Happy drinking :friends:
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Good price for a malt!!
Is this instore too?
nice, voted hot
It's £26 at ASDA online. £15 is a good find, and I like Glenmorangie, so I'll pick some up when next passing. Thanks

OOps - just realised this is the 15 year old version, and 43% ABV, whereas the standard Glenmorangie is 10 yo and 40%. So this is worth a detour!
dads birthday prssie sorted ;-)

I don't think its actually rare even though its called a Rare Malt

In this context, 'rare' means "unusually great or excellent" and not "uncommon or few in number".:roll:

Good find though, and I'll deffo be getting a few bottles
Thanks for this - great price for a decent single malt.

First line reads: :)____________________Be good, Dio :thumbsup:

DOH ! :oops:
Thanks, this is a really good price :thumbsup:
Damn I was in ASDA this morning. Looks like I'll need to go back.
cheers for that, 1x Christmas + 1x Birthday present now sorted. :santa:
Just bought one. My local Asda (Leigh) have loads and is placed at the end of isle so everyone can see. So if you want em. bst be quick. I saw one bloke walk out with 5:w00t:
Blimey that is cheap!! :w00t:
We hadn't got anything for bro in laws 50th birthday so this'll be great!!

Heat and rep

Cheers:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
FWIW Glenmorangie are rebranding and there is a bit of premiumisation (aka price rises) going on!

The 15 Year Old has also been discountinued. So IMHO it is definitely worth stocking up on!

A canny person might invest in a few bottles in the certain knowledge that the price will rise as the remaining bottles are consumed! I would predict a £40+ price in a few years at a whisky auction.

YMMV - Rufus.
Went down to my local Asda...someone had cleared out every bottle.
I had the last one in Warrington, should last till the weekend.
Thanks Op - last two in Queensferry (N. Wales)!
Gonna grab my discount card and I.D. and run out the door! :w00t:

Went down to my local Asda...someone had cleared out every bottle.

Another Asda 'Harry Potter' promotion... lots of fuss... 5 copies in store!
all sold out at mine it was the 12 year old one on special tho .....
bagged the last one @ Reading Asda will do nicely for Dads christmas present
Thanks! My local Asda had them priced at £29.97 but it scanned at £15.00 so hic!
Grabbed the last 2 in Dundonald last night, One is perfect for mates birthday tomorrow, the other I will keep :thumbsup:
I just bought ten bottles from Asda Eastgate. They have loads.
Heh, managed to get 3 bottles at an Asda I passed on the way home...only went in for one bottle but I got tempted by the Whisky devil.
Picked up two bottles from the Chandlers Ford branch tonight - I reckon they have another three left so any Hampshire types, get there quick!
hatfield didn't have any left on monday.. but had two yesterday..

So it looks like they are getting restocked.
lucky me . My neighbour works for them £14ltr when I want it

lucky me . My neighbour works for them £14ltr when I want it

You should get some. It's a great price for a good whisky. £29.78 usually, I believe. I was gonna get some last year, but I ended up with the 10 year old. At this price, it's a definate buy.
damm ,trying to give up the malts.:x
Sold out in Eastleigh
Tried my best to stay away from buying for 2 days. Finally gave up and bought one today. There were few more remaining at Wrexham ASDA. Somebody had pushed them to the back of the rack, but that didnt stop the single malt fan.
Mrs got me 8 bottles from ASDA in Reading. I must have done something right to deserve that.
Then again, she used my Credit card! Still, £15 a bottle is a super bargain.

Maybe I should get some more...haha
Many thanks OP,couple of christmas presents sorted.
Ye had loads left near me. Thanks for this!

Sold out in Eastleigh

4 left this morning in Fareham/Collingwood (cause I bought 4)
None in parkhead, summerston, robroyston or hamilton oh well, would have loved to have tried it too.

Any other offers on nice whisky?
I could only see the 35.7cl ten year old bottles in the Slough Asda... they were going for 14 quid.... is this deal for full size bottles ?
If so let me know where to get 'em people :? Cheers:thumbsup:
Thanks to OP - heat and Rep added :thumbsup:
Just picked some up from Widnes, had just received an order - so looks like offer's still available out there.
May be worth asking customer services to check availability locally
Happy hunting.
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