Glenmorangie Midwinter Nights Dram Whisky 70cl @ Morrisons - £25 (instore only)

Glenmorangie Midwinter Nights Dram Whisky 70cl @ Morrisons - £25 (instore only)

Found 4th Nov 2017Edited by:"The_Bounty_Bear"
Not on the website or my supermarket but it was on the shelf for £25. Given this is usually £46 RRP and Amazon have it at above £36 , might be worth stopping in if you wanted to sample it.

Might be local though.

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Good find!
Morrisons in Seaford/East Sussex, too
Just got to wait for snow to open it now
This is lovely stuff, and 43%.
They were also selling this in Costco last week for £19.99 + VAT = £23.98. I picked up a couple of bottles (it would be rude not to), and can confirm that it's a good little dram with plenty of mouth feel. Have some heat!
Morrisons discountinued this a couple of months back and were selling at £25. I wasnt able to get any though. Perhaps this is left over stock?
Morrisons Wrexham had it - £40 on Sainsbury website - heat added!
Got a bottle from South Shields Morrisons.
happy days managed to snap one up this time around...ill tuck it away until Christmas time
Still available, picked a couple up today
Nice deal grabbed a bottle today I’m my local currently £30 in Sainsbury’s so heat from me
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