Glenmorangie (The Nectar D'or) 70cl £19.36 was £29 (something) instore @ Asda

Glenmorangie (The Nectar D'or) 70cl £19.36 was £29 (something) instore @ Asda

Found 10th May 2010
This is my first deal also I'm a recent convert so not a connoussier of Whisky so go easy please.
I can't comment on the taste as I onlyI bought a bottle this morning but the price seems good and thought worth sharing. It was £29 something now reduced to £19.36.

I don't know if it's nationwide also I searched online but couldn't find it on the Asda site also I don't know the end date of the offer.


Seems like a good deal, never tried this myself though.

Very good price for a crackign Whisky... might have to pick one or 3 up - even after getting some Jamesons 12yr old on the Tomato TescoGate deal.

Very nice.... The problem I find with it is the contents go down rather quick;y. I'm just wondering if it's an evaporation issue.

This is one of a line of 3 Glenmorangies which are finished in different casks to those they are originally matured in. These are sherry, port and dessert wine

I've never had this one, (this is the dessert wine one) but I have had the Quinta Ruban which is finished in port casks and it's brilliant. If this deal is in more than one store its scorching. The starting £29 price tag was pretty good to begin with.

I've never tried this but,from what I've read, it comes highly rated.
Just hope there is a bottle on the shelf for me tomorrow morning

Heat and rep duly applied.

Cheers Phil :thumbsup:

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I had a glass last night and it is gorgeous, smooth and sweet, I think it's as nice as Isle of Jura.

I picked up another from the range of 3 (as mentioned by J-Bo) this morning. i got The La Santa (sherry cask) and again a good price, I paid £15.38, it was £23 (something). i don't expect it to be as nice as The Nector but for the price thought it was worth stocking up.
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