Glitch at Very 2 for £40 Multibuy  going through at 2 for £20

Glitch at Very 2 for £40 Multibuy going through at 2 for £20

Found 15th Jun 2015
All multi-buy sale toys from very going through at 2 for £20 instead of 2 for £40


Don't see 2 for £40 offer

It's not 2 for £20. It depends what you put in your basket. If you put 2 £15 items then it will be £20. However if you put the 2 cheapest items such as the Disney princess totum 3 in 1 and the one direction set it will cost you £10 for both. As it normally takes £10 off the 2 items your purchasing. If the item is under £10 it becomes free.
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There is a glitch! Where 2 for £40 items have been reduced in their sale, the full price saving is coming off the reduced price, for example with this disney princess itm reduced from £25 to 10, for every 2 ordered the second one is free (was rather hoping it would show them owing me money).…prd

NB The saving does not appear when you change the quantity, but is taken off in your basket.

Probably worth checking all their multisaves for reduced price items…end

Nvvyx has also posted about same glitch with the 2 for £15 toys…740

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Put 2 reduced items in basket but it's charing the price it says am I doing something wrong

Not working for me..added 2 items and came up £40

I got 2 for £23

Picnic Minnie Mouse and nemo turtle toy (were £18 and £15)

Thank you that's a couple of Xmas presents sorted

Got the two Finding Nemo items for £20, thanks
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