Glitch... Extra discount off Dr Oetker pudding in a mug - 16p each @ Tesco

Glitch... Extra discount off Dr Oetker pudding in a mug - 16p each @ Tesco

Found 8th Oct 2017
Dr Peter mug in a jug are currently 89p a packet.
On a Offer for 3 for £1 but it's also taken an extra 20% off per 3 baking items so it's doubling up the discount so 6 packets comes to 98p

Not sure if this is just online or in-store but if your getting some chopping anyway these are a great deal. Yes processed but at 16p each to cheap to so hassle of making your own.
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Hope it’s a large mug!
I really don't understand the post but I want some
It says it's on offer at 3 for £1 not 3 for 20p as your post states.
It's on offer as 3 for £1 and then takes off the extra 20% (I think it is) with the Tesco special, buy 3 baking products get 20% off them. I believe these 3 are in that offer, so it's 20% off the cost of each the money off to get 3 for £1. Making them 16p each.

Credit to whoever the other person who listed this was...I'll come back with their name in a bit.
It seems you must buy in sixes to get this glitch......six go thru the self scan or tills for 96p,
you can buy multiple sixes and the glitch works.......beware..dont but an odd one or two because they will go thru at 89p each.
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At 16p each they are ok......... but i would not pay more than 20p each.....they are not very big once microwaved.
Just found this instore at local Tesco's 3 for £1.00 plus a further 59p off great see what they taste like only bought 3 to try
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