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Posted 6 September 2022

Glitch on BK app giving 50% off your order (Selected Accounts)

Shared by imisswoolworth
Joined in 2019

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Just now they have a 50% discount on the App for staff. I selected this then added a £4.99 King Saver meal and collected from counter no problem. Paid £2.49 using my card through the APP.
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Click offer tab on app, then add your item(s) - Awesome spot @imisswoolworth

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    It’s there when I go to offers tab and refresh offers.
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    This should have been thr RRP in first place. .
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    Glitch Squad assemble.
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    Ooh, this gonna be cold.
    Just like the food
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    Nearest BK for me these days is about 30 miles away. They’ve really reduced their footprint. Shame, I love a whopper.
    Same here unfortunately which is a shame as at least you don't need to measure the thickness of their burgers in microns like McDonald's.
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    Just a shame there are hardly any BK's around anymore
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    I don't understand why people say BK is expensive, when using the deals on the app it's much cheaper than the competitors. Whopper, chicken royal, fries/onion rings and a drink for £6.99. You could barely get a single burger meal from McDonald's for that. Tastes much better too.
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    G spot has been alerted
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    Where's the 50% off for staff not seeing that?
    pick a store to collect from go to order then go to offers
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    Not on mine
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    still massively overpriced, a premium burger becomes £5 and they aren't even that great
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    Currently picking mine up now, lovely stuff
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    I just found out that you can get the discount in any store, change to one that shows the deal and apply it to your order then change stores in the basket and it still shows the discounted price
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    Didn't show in my offers until I pulled down to refresh but seems to have worked thanks!
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    Wasn't showing for me before but I kept refreshing and it eventually showed up. Can't be used with another offer so it's still expensive (edited)
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    True I'd take a £4.99 whopper meal deal over a mcd burger anyway. Only the Big Tasty meal comes close to BK. You do get the £1.99 receipt deal with a quarter pound and fries. Add a drink. Thats £3.18 for a medium meal. So there are ways.
    48171983-W9Nyb.jpg (edited)
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    It worked for me 20 mins ago kept getting the error message when I tried paying but when I pressed back to go to the menu it suddenly showed the thank you for your order message just been to collect it
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    So expensive this place.
    50% is still expensive!
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    We need 50p burgers. Not 50% off. Still good.
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    Is this an actual glitch :O
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    Not showing on my app, was it under offers?
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    can confirm
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    Just for staff... cold
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    Red fox checking in
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    App for staff? Is there any way non staff can access that?
    It's on the regular APP
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    Nor mine
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    I would’ve thought staff get food free enough for themselves anyway
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    Yes, it's there folks but not available at all locations..
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    You have to sign up?
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    Yeh I see it
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    Hmm "mobile ordering is currently not available" at any of my local stores despite it usually being fine
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    Works for me !
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    I can see the offer but 50% off very high prices doesn't make it worthwhile!
    Treat yourself!
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    Are the fries vegan approved? Not fried with other oils?
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    Can't do mobile ordering at my local store
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    Checkout button is greyed out for me now so can't proceed
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    Not showing on my rewards page, non staff