** GLITCH**  [SCROLL DOWN TO THE FINAL SPECIAL OFFER!!] Xbox One S 500GB Rocket League Bundle + Cod WWII  + 3 Months Xbox Live £45.55 @ Tesco Direct

** GLITCH** [SCROLL DOWN TO THE FINAL SPECIAL OFFER!!] Xbox One S 500GB Rocket League Bundle + Cod WWII + 3 Months Xbox Live £45.55 @ Tesco Direct

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Just been and collected my console I would just like to say congratulations to everyone who has managed to get a console, and it has been nice to see so many warm comments on this thread. I throroughly hope everyone enjoys playing their new console, or has saved some money buy purchasing it as a gift .
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b0wsey5 m ago

Picture proof, like, right now


Wonder how many other hukd addicts went from squinting at phone screen in bed to frantically running round the house looking for a credit card? Quickest I've got out of bed in years!


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Coming up as £199???

Showing £199.99

See at £199? Is there a code??

Showing £199 on website

Showing as £199 for me???

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You must go down to special offers

Nice!! Hope they honour it

Nope itsnot

Can’t figure it out. Says all rocket league bundles oos

It's 199

Edit: used my laptop instead and got it for ops price. HEAT ADDED

Now the big question, will they honer it???
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Back up to 200 now

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Still working for me, scroll down to the last special offer and add to basket

Cheers reindeer got it for £45.55.
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Thanks. Got it!! Hopefully they will honour it

How likely is it that they will charge the full price once ordered tho?

Thanks OP. Look forward to the cancellation email, although it will be interesting as it looks like we may receive the subscription email before they cancel

199 for me

Got it, await the email now lol

Still 199 for me, otherwise there's add £25 for an extra game only

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kingfisherlaurel84259 s ago

Take it off or they won’t honour it!

I could have kept this quiet, but I like to help people

Doubt there is much stock anyway!

Thanks OP, got it.

Got it

This will be cancelled if this stays on here

Got it

Hells Bells, ordered

Got to be in it to win it.

Ordered. Thanks. Fingers crossed.. what a time to be awake
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Holy shitake mushrooms!!!
It says ready for collection tomorrow!

I hope this will be honoured. Good luck all. Thanks op for waking me up at 6.30

Thanks OP. Ordered one, now lets wait and see

Bit early for HUKD bingo.
Gotta be in it to win it though.

Thanks OP, worth a shot

Got mine!!!!!! 🎉
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Looks like they sussed it as 'error in system' message after trying to check out.

Got it... And took a fiver of club card vouchers off so if it gets honoured all that for £40

Worked for me. Fingers crossed!!!

It's a brilliant spot! But Tesco have always cancelled glitches like this in the past

OMG thanks OP!!

Found it!

Thanks OP. Let’s see!
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