Global 4 knife set with block £199.99 from Aldi

Global 4 knife set with block £199.99 from Aldi

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Found 10th Dec 2014
From Thurs 18th Dec.

This looks like a good price for a set of 4 Global knives + block. Comprises :-
20cm cook's knife
22cm bread knife
14cm vegetable knife
8cm peeling/paring knife

Before everyone rushes to vote the deal cold on the basis that 4 knives from Aldi shouldn't cost £200, I'd suggest they first find out about Global knives.…ck/
- cutthroat_jake
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wow is its a typo?? expensive knives ??

wow is its a typo?? expensive knives ??

Not a typo

It's interesting to see that despite 10 people voting hot within the 1st minute of posting, its still gone negative.
Good deal, surprised it's in Aldi though.
Voted hot as these sets cqan be around £400, not for me, but it is a deal
£15 off if using the voucher that was posted earlier
A bargain is based on the cost in relation to the value...Global knives are renowned for their quality. excellent find for those in the know.
Expensive for Aldi
Voted hot. Global knives are absolutely superb and IMO are unsurpassed for general kitchen knives. I have one of the 16cm knives in this set and if I didn't already have a set of Zwillings JA Henckels 5* that are still only six years old I would get this Global set like a shot.
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excellent find for those in the know.

....or the billions of Google users!
Good price, especially with the block...

I have seen them in Home Sense stores for between £40 and £60 if you're just after one!!

Neither the app or the website are showing 18th Dec offers yet.
amazing knives, you get what you paid for

Neither the app or the website are showing 18th Dec offers yet.

It's in the in-store pamphlet. I'll scan it in and post if the deal goes hot
For anyone who don't know this brand this is amazing for the price. One knife is usually £150 or so. Hot

Is it similar to these … Is it similar to these ?

The block looks a bit more more basic than that one, but the Aldi set comes with 4 knives, that one only has 3

£15 off if using the voucher that was posted earlier

What voucher?

What voucher?

the one for £15 off a £75 spend. its in a newspaper i think, i'll try find the post. its one of the hottest of the day though
No thanks to global knives, not worth the money imo.

The handles are slippery and not very comfortable; the steel is unexceptional; and I, personally, think they look ugly.

If you're in the market for a Japanese knife get something like this:
Which represents much better value.

Also, pick up a whetstone (and the knowledge to use it) if you want to keep your knives sharp.
Here's a pic from the magazine in case you're wondering:
Hot! although this deal will most likely appeal to people who already have a collection, and likely started their collection when prices were reasonable. most global collectors will likely already own at least two of these knives, and would be the main people to appreciate this fantastic price, so unlikely to take advantage themselves. maybe a good gift for someone though if you spend that much on them. I wouldn't pay full price for a global knife now. they used to be reasonable but now around £100 for a G2 for example but only cost about £36 in Japan.
Putting any decent knive into a wooden block blunts them, they should be put in rods. The size of these knives is very small as well, definitely not worth the money.
These are amazing knives. Got the similar ones with Michel Roux's name on them. We don't find the handles slippy, think they're damn fantastic in fact. Will get blunt on a glass chopping board but stay sharp for ages if you use them on a wooden board. If I had £200 I'd get down to Aldi and buy these as I wanted to get the bread knife anyway as they're normally about £90. Brilliant deal.
Want! Even though I already have 3 of these knives...

(Bread knife is brilliant btw)
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probably the most expensive item ever @ ALDI
Heat for the price, although not for me - The handles look like something you would find on a cheese grater! oO
Thats a way expensive.
Excellent quality, great price.
I would love these but I don't think I can justify £200 on kitchen knives lol
Great price for some proper knifes that will last you a lifetime
Been after a set of global knives for ages.. this is damn tempting!
the amount of normal knives I could get for £200 oO

voted hot for the quality but not something I could afford.
Good knives these... I'd buy this if I didn't already own 2 of them.
Don't buy global, they are over priced and over rated for what they are, if you are looking for professional knives buy victorinox knives half the price and will last longer.(professional chef)
I've a set of these that I've had for 10yrs now. Lovely. I use the recommended sharpener. They are on an 80cm magnetic strip behind the cooker. All still looks good now. expensive but worth it.
Great knives, but unless you are handy using a sharpening steel then forget it
Those Large knives are about £70-80 a pop. Known cause this is what i had from the misses a couple of years ago.
The stand however i would say about £40-50
Small Knive £30

so with that in mind

Your saving about £80 ish

Hot from me, and that coming from an avide cook that knows how important it is to have decent knives.
£200 quid for 4 knives? Even Dexter would think twice about buying them as spares
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Bought a knife from asda one of the decent ones for £6 and one of those any knife sharpeners and it works perfectly.

Whenever it gets blunt takes 30 seconds to get it back to perfect again.
It's a sabatier knife and I personally don't see why someone would need anything more than that.
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