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Global Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 Pro 5G Smartphone - w/Codes, Sold By Xiaomi Mi - Global Store

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Customs duty may be charged on top of the headline price, usually on items costing more than £135
Codes : 5C5IBT & UKMA25

Lowest Price this year.. It is a well rounded phone possibly best budget phone in market with a great camera and great battery that last longer than Poco X6 Pro in terms of life cycle and have stronger glass & sure having 3.5mm jack still with better phone high end feeling in comparison to Poco. Yes not as fast as Poco X6 Pro but the poco is intended this year for high end gamers.. But for casual players and everyday user this phone is just perfect .. Look to how both camera do ..Poco one is zoomed but lack details thanks to better sensors in note pro 13 .. just look to missing lines in his forehead and cheek. and will preform way better in darker light and better selife with more true colors . Sure still Poco x6 Pro photos are good and differnce is marginal but Overall Note 13 Pro is more true to colours and conserve more details and preform better in low light.


So for better overall all rounder Phone go for Note 13 Pro who do great job at all levels ..But those who prefer faster smartphone and play high end gamers at highest details then go for Poco X6 Pro which way faster phone if that is your priority as it is main priority for that phone.. Speed alot of Speed. Note 13 Pro still great in gaming and speed is good but each phone had differnet priority. I had Poco X3 who is still a beast 3.5years later .. but am not hardcore gamer, and prefer now a balanced phone with better camera, not to mention better battery that will last longer in terms of no. of cycles than Poco as want to keep it for way longer.

Please note shipment will be between 9-14 days

use 2 codes to put the price down at this price.. first click on voucher I marked below (5C5IBT) then at checkout add UKMA25 for further £25.4336307_1.jpg
Full review- one week later
AliExpress More details at

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  1. Alex_verden2aJ's avatar
    This or Poco x6pro
    shwanko2's avatar
    if u want faster phone and one who run games at highest settings. then go for Poco.
    If you want all rounder phone with better camera , stronger glass.. longer life battery in terms of cycles, 3.5m jack with good speed ... then Pro Note 13 fit well.
    Each phone is intended for differnet users.
  2. Mind_Craft's avatar
    After weeks of painful research. I bit. Was after a half-decent camera and big battery with decent storage and RAM for sub £200. This one is a winner. Moving over from Poco F3. Thanks OP, I can finally get some sleep now... (edited)
    shwanko2's avatar
    yes mate had same struggle from Poco X3 which is still a beast .. so was not sure which one to pick too .. had to make some research and thought need a battery that can last longer life and can take decent pictures as main priority .. this is why Pro Note 13 edged it to me. So just wanted to share my research here.
  3. hempzane's avatar
    Will the global version allow internet banks apps ect to work ok?
    Paul_f1's avatar
    Yes it will work fine,it's intended for global market,it's global rom you want to avoid (edited)
  4. Paul_f1's avatar
    Don't forget Quidco 5.5% atm 😁
    shwanko2's avatar
    opps... forgot to do that ;/ .. that was another saving I missed .. hope others will take the note.
  5. rpatel2's avatar
    Does this version support esim?
    shwanko2's avatar
    yes 52673695-l5BSE.jpg
  6. EN1GMA's avatar
    great opening post OP with all the screen shot comparisons etc, very useful and helpful!
    shwanko2's avatar
    Thanks mate.. I needed one so had to make a decision too and do some search bcz was not sure which one fit me better.. had Poco X3 and is still a beast .. but this time ordered Note 13
  7. morty's avatar
    If you have an issue with the phone you will need to ship back to China at your own cost.

    I asked Xiaomi about this they only cover in UK phones from UK and the same with EU.

    This will be registered as from China.

    I have ordered from this store before when it comes to phones they always put the correct value not lower because of insurance reasons also they are a legit company they need to declare correctly.
    shwanko2's avatar
    well checking reviews majority said nothing or been taxed .. only rare ones.. and found this too posted clearly showing lower value mate !! anyway let us see how it goes
  8. Rush420's avatar
    Is it price gone up ? I can get it only for 206gbp with both vouchers...
    shwanko2's avatar
    I think price change with Pound going up and down but mathematically shouldn't bcz each voucher value.. may be try later tommorow
  9. Mind_Craft's avatar
    Just out of curiosity, did your guys have your orders despatched?
    Amalik's avatar
    It's says mine is shipped
  10. usms_cheema's avatar
    Paid in Dollars plus 5%TCB and works out Aprox £177.43

    shwanko2's avatar
    waw .. better even saving !!
  11. Amalik's avatar
    Price has gone up. I had one added in the basket so got the old price but I ordered the one with 12gb/512mb - paid £237.40.
    5% from TCB.

    Thanks to OP for posting this deal.
  12. _Titan_Warrior_X's avatar
    I get £215 when code added....
    shwanko2's avatar
    did u clicked on first voucher and add it? then in check out u put 2nd voucher ?
    mathematically should work bcz value of each voucher is same !! 
    try tomorrow and see. 
  13. VVasp's avatar
    I ordered it for£190. Should be a decent upgrade from my Redmi Note 10.

    I'm guessing if I'm unlucky and customs detect it they would charge me 20% VAT which will be about £38 (assuming the declared value is correct)?
    Paul_f1's avatar
    I doubt you'll get stung
  14. HotDealAlert's avatar
    is it worth paying extra £30 for 12GB+256GB version?
    shwanko2's avatar
    well if you don't want move photos every time is full or may be in future as apps can be bigger in size if u intend to keep it for 3-4 years ..
    I want to keep it for 3 years and have Poco X3 with 128GB.. I bought another 128 SD card.. and in a year i only used 40% of it saving all my downloads , photos, doc there .. so thought 256gb should be ok & ordered one .. they run out of stock tho for purple & blue one at 256GB (edited)
  15. MAXkMUS's avatar
    Plus VAT?
    shwanko2's avatar
    VAT not added bcz is above £135 .. so is duty of UK costum to invoice u that when passing through costum ..
    well according to many of Uk users who ordered .. mostly passed Costum without being picked ..
    and if u read reviews.. seem shop is putting lower value .. see the image below in one review .. with value of package is $18 marking it as an earphone ! this is not Aliexpress practice is just those sellers and tbh most of seller in Aliexpress are doing that. Sure some reviews said they were charged like in Russia but all that depend on ur country I guess.. Like my gf live abroad, I sent her 2 sneakers as a gift , she was charged with tax again the parcel was big so is obvious they will check it. But this one is small and even if picked seller may be gonna put lower value as in picture below from same seller selling same phone.

    52674264-hGOf3.jpg is a gamble at the end. u have 90% of chance will not be picked as costum are overwhelmed and often target bigger packages not smaller one.

    no is not been added as is above £135
    is costum who will do it and will depend on ur luck .. according to many comments is rarely picked unless u unlucky (edited)
  16. Amalik's avatar
    Some sell on ebay saying there is no OTA update provided in Global Versions so not sure if same is the case here as well.

    Also is this mi shop on Aliexpress is xiaomi company shop?
    shwanko2's avatar
    Yes I think it is official one bcz have over 1m followers highest than any other with highest rating .

    Regarding OTA update. may be they are referring to Chinese one with Rom used to make it global .. I don't think this is the case here. but again can't confirm. but highly doubt it, (edited)
  17. Professor_Chaos's avatar
    Do banking apps work on these
    shwanko2's avatar
    yes is global one not Rom one
    price gone up .. so just wait a couple days and it will be back
  18. HotDealAlert's avatar
    Original price has gone up by nearly £20....
    shwanko2's avatar
    yes . if u wait will come back .. it always go up and down. just wait a couple of days
's avatar