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Playstation Vita PS 64GB Memory Card - Japan Version £53.44 @ YesAsia
Found 15th Dec 2014Found 15th Dec 2014
Playstation Vita PS 64GB Memory Card - Japan Version £53.44 @ YesAsia
Are these any good for the UK PS Slims? sorry about the ignorance but I need to buy two for my sons and this is the cheapest I have found. it says Japanese Version and Janpanese La… Read more
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Nicely put.


Vita has adapted as a console, it's not dead!! It no longer has (not that it ever had many) major titles released for it by the big studios. What we are now getting is a lot of indie developers on board who will support the console for a long time to come because the games are cheap to make and make a good profit. The indie titles are perfectly suited to the Vita, more so than the PS4. At E3 and all the other gaming Expos last year, almost every indie title announced stated versions for both PS4 and Vita (not so much love for PS3 but I don't hear that being hailed as dead). I have more than I can possibly play on the Vita (thanks to Playstation Plus and Crossbuy). I am not worried about the future of the Vita, it just might not be the console you expected it to be and is capable of being.


Vita is dead, and what kind of price is that!?


PlayStation Tv uses Vita memory cards, so basically yea there's enough content either through games or Content manager to easily fill 64Gb


Comment Yes these are for ps vita ONLY. No other memory card fits in the vita. It has its own type of memory card. Hence the countless debates and people hating on the price of these things. Not sure about the OLED PS vita but the slim has a small slot on the side where a memory card can be installed.

LG G2 32GB Sim Free £235 @ Yesasia
Found 1st Jul 2014Found 1st Jul 2014
LG G2 32GB Sim Free £235 @ Yesasia
There is also the black model 32gb for £239. Free shipping.

All products at are eligible for Free Shipping except: - Posters* - Camcorders - Digital Cameras - Mobile Phones Shipping to pay...... even less of a deal.... Cold from me


hmmmm £275 for a foreign model with warranty even if 32gb £284.99 direct from Amazon...... Sorry but for piece of mind and quicker response etc if a fault develops I'll stick with Amazon Its just not worth the risk for a tenner and 16gb....


What this Is this deal price including VAT and custom charges? Do you still offer free VAT (Value Added Tax) for shipments to the United Kingdom and Germany? We no longer offer VAT-free service for the United Kingdom and Germany shipments effective May 1, 2014. If VAT or customs duties are incurred on shipments to the UK and Germany, customers will be liable for payment. will no longer arrange refunds for VAT or customs duties. Do I have to pay taxes on products ordered? When ordering from, the customer is considered the importer of the purchased products and will be responsible for any customs tax, import duties, goods and services tax (GST), valued-added tax (VAT), or any similar customs-related charges.


It's around £280 for the '16GB' model, this is the 32GB


would rather pay a little more and get it in the uk with next day delivery

PS Vita 64gb Memory card @ yesasia £59.48
Found 25th May 2014Found 25th May 2014
PS Vita 64gb Memory card @ yesasia £59.48
Japanese version however these cards are not region specific so you can use them on any Vita. Free shipping. Quidco cashback 2% Even if you had to pay tax it's still cheaper than … Read more
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Mine came yesterday. All good. Thumbs up from me.


so what are chances of getting stung with tax


Good news. Hopefully mine will be arriving in the next few days then.


tempted by this probs got nearly this amount of gb in games I've got free from ps plus and don't intend to stop getting plus


I ordered mine on 25th May, it was shipped on 27th May and I received the order through my letter box today 10th June. I'm VERY happy and won't hesitate in using this company again. Parcel was marked as 'other' with low valued. Invoice was in parcel but didn't state cost probably in case customs opened it.

PS Vita memory card 64gb £61.33 @ YesAsia
Found 5th Feb 2014Found 5th Feb 2014
PS Vita memory card 64gb £61.33 @ YesAsia
Not really cheap but better than many other sellers and certainly anyone in the uk on eBay/Amazon plus free delivery.
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I've used them before without problem.


Why is this cold? This is double the capacity of the biggest UK card for the same price. Are YesAsia really unreliable or something?


I have this. Well worth it!! For the first time I am able to put games purchased and on vita on ps+ membership. X) I have 20gb left which will be useful for the rest of the year.


The reason I went for a 64 vs a 32 was because it was only 10 quid more. Fair enough if you think 16GB is enough for you but like someone else said I find it a hassle deleting and reinstalling games every week, especially if you have a lot of digital content


Compare GB per £ against the other options available (32GB and 16GB). That'll be one objective measure of whether or not this is a deal. If you wanted you could even go into how much of the space is actually usable (64GB has 59GB usable), but the larger cards will probably have the advantage in that regard.

PS Vita Memory Card 64GB (JP Version but works worlwide!) £58.74 at yesasia
Found 30th Dec 2014Found 30th Dec 2014
PS Vita Memory Card 64GB (JP Version but works worlwide!) £58.74 at yesasia
Seeing as both this and the new PSVITA slimline model have yet to get an EU/UK release date I figured people were curious as to how best upgrade their current memory to the new sta… Read more
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Mine was dispatched on 2nd Feb and arrived on 22 Feb. Put the memory card into the vita and worked perfectly.


Got mine yesterday, took about 3 weeks to arrive.


aah ok hopefully it'll be here this week then cheers guys I'll update when it arrives :)


Well it shipped on January 11th and it arrived a week and a half ago so roughly a whole month or a bit less.


Nah I emailed them and they said if I haven't received it by Friday they're going to send another so fingers crossed btw op how long did it take to receive yours?

Samsung i9500 Galaxy S4 (White Frost) Mobile Phone (Without LTE) (Sim Free / Unlocked) (16GB) US$707.99 + 34.94 shipping approx £478
Found 6th May 2013Found 6th May 2013
Samsung i9500 Galaxy S4 (White Frost) Mobile Phone (Without LTE) (Sim Free / Unlocked) (16GB) US$707.99 + 34.94 shipping approx £478
If want the international octa version of the Samsung galaxy s4. Note no LTE and no warranty (available at extra cost) Also available in black and 2% quidco

How much is custom


You better include the custom duty, isn't it?

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Samsung i9500 Galaxy S4 (Sim Free / Unlocked) [16GB] @ YesAsia (possible 2% Quidco cashback)
Found 1st May 2013Found 1st May 2013
Samsung i9500 Galaxy S4 (Sim Free / Unlocked) [16GB] @ YesAsia (possible 2% Quidco cashback)
Price includes shipping. Not sure how reliable this company are, as they have pretty mixed reviews wherever I've looked, but this seems like a really good price, as rrp is £579.99.… Read more

Yeah that's what suppliers always say, sorry customs pick random packages and labeling them as a 'gift' or cheap doesn't work.


they will mark it with a sub $50 value which will fly through customs quicker than our money flies out of the country of course


What about a customs charge?


That's why this phone would be more appealing, most of us don't have LTE anyway, and the non-LTE version is more powerful and I believe has a better battery life, as it has the more powerful Exynos Octa chipset.


although some people might prefer having the Octo core version over LTE. I'd be quite happy to sacrifice LTE as I hardly ever get a consistent 3G/ HSPA signal on Orange in CENTRAL LONDON!!

Rare Blu - Ray - Night and Day (Korean Film) Hong sang soo - £24.94 @ YesAsia
Found 22nd Apr 2013Found 22nd Apr 2013
Rare Blu - Ray - Night and Day (Korean Film) Hong sang soo - £24.94 @ YesAsia
Hong sang soo films are hard to find in general, now his film "Night and Day" is out on Blu-ray and unlike previous prices it is under the £30 line.

£24.94 for 1 movie? Are you having a giraffe?


If you are a film buff Blu-ray collector this is hard to find and pretty cheap (at the moment anyway).


I'm not very clued up on Korean cinema, so I've no idea if this is a good deal or not. But I can't find it cheaper (or at all) anywhere else so it's got to be hot.


Cameron Diaz was awful in this oO

LG Prada 3.0 £159.85 + Shipping @ Yeasia
Found 22nd Jan 2013Found 22nd Jan 2013
LG Prada 3.0 £159.85 + Shipping @ Yeasia
Im not sure about this seller but it seems like an ok price? or not maybe...

Can't comment on the seller, but can recommend the phone - picked one up about 6 months ago from Asda direct for £149. Almost as quick as my S2, very impressed with it.

nexus 10 32Gb Wifi £394  inc. shipping @ YesAsia
Found 17th Dec 2012Found 17th Dec 2012
nexus 10 32Gb Wifi £394 inc. shipping @ YesAsia
I am in a rush for a nexus 10 32 gigs and just came across this link, any thoughts or advice?

I trust one site before trusting other sites and that's trustpilot, people review their experiences on whatever site they had business with and trustpilot creates an average showing the trustfulness of the site. Yesasia has been rated 6.2/10 But the most recent comments are very negative stating to avoid the website


if your in a rush, you will be waiting a long time for that slow boat from china ;)


I've been using Yesasia for years and they've always been excellent.


They are a good company, I buy loads of CDs from them all the time ;)


I bought a ds from them ages ago as the person wanted some limited edition colour that wasn't available here. It did arrive reasonably quickly but the psu was some cheap replacement and the included few games were pirated copies.

Ipad 3 64gb wifi £465.44 + £83.78 fpr 1yr warranty @ YesAsia
Found 4th May 2012Found 4th May 2012
Ipad 3 64gb wifi £465.44 + £83.78 fpr 1yr warranty @ YesAsia
Apple The New iPad (Black) 64GB (WIFI only) Another deal form the website (why have I never found them before) You will have to pay customs and vat etc ontop tho!

to be fair... the samsung note from was pretty hot on here and thats delivered from germany i reckon if it a good deal they will buy be honest i dont think this is tho lol


Does having delivery from abroad count as a UK deal?

HTC One X Sim Free £366.15 + £65.91 for 1 year warranty @ YesAsia
Found 4th May 2012Found 4th May 2012
HTC One X Sim Free £366.15 + £65.91 for 1 year warranty @ YesAsia
HTC S720e One X (Black) Mobile Phone (Sim Free / Unlocked) Amazing price but will have to pay VAT and customs etc unless it can be labelled as a gift etc - I think!

I agree, otherwise this site could be full of thousands of goods from outside the EU which appear cheaper as the import VAT has not been taken into account. The OP Saying 'unless its described as a gift' is pointless. You think HMRC dont know about misdescription. It renders your imported purchase liable to seizure if they find it has been misdescribed. The VAT on top brings this to £439 before the warranty issue.


There is no duty on mobile phones, but VAT is charged. In my opinion, price quotetd above should have VAT added to it. Link for info on duty & tax for common items:


From past experience, tax and duties won't be cheap.


So you are supposed to pay more if you want a warranty?

Samsung i9250 Galaxy Nexus (Black) Mobile Phone (16GB) (Sim Free / Unlocked) £279.49 @ YesAsia
Found 20th Apr 2012Found 20th Apr 2012
Samsung i9250 Galaxy Nexus (Black) Mobile Phone (16GB) (Sim Free / Unlocked) £279.49 @ YesAsia
Could you guys please shed some light if this is a good deal? No Warranty May have to pay duty.

Why has this not been taken down given that Yes Asia is not UK based? I tried to post a Panamoz deal and that got taken down straight away?


My thought here though is the site trustworthy anyone have any idea at all


£296 (£306 inc del) from a reputable dealer( I say reputable because I bought my Tab through them with no hassle/import duties etc)


It's £313 on, £324 for the white version btw


Good deal if you can guarantee you will get it.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX200V Digital Camera 18.2MP - £292.49 @ YesAsia
Found 5th Apr 2012Found 5th Apr 2012
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX200V Digital Camera 18.2MP - £292.49 @ YesAsia
Free Delivery ! Jessops: £479.95 Warehouseexpress: £469 Tesco Direct: £472.97 Jacobs Digital: £479.95 Advanced Cyber-shot™ with ultra zoom, Full HD, GPS and manual controls 18.2… Read more

Do you always have to pay the customs charges (VAT) on the things you have ordered from them? Something on their website suggests they will pay this but not sure how reliable this is...


I've bought the odd DVD from YesAsia and pretty good service. However, the last boxset I bought got me a £20 customs surcharge; despite them saying they'd already paid the VAT. From their website: "In the event that VAT or customs duties are incurred, you may contact our Customer Service Department to request a refund in YesAsia Credit. Please note that an official receipt from your local customs agent or post office is required to successfully claim a refund." I didn't know I had to get a receipt at the time and the postman didn't offer me one. So when I tried to claim showing my credit card statement they didn't want to know. Would I order a £300 camera from Hong Kong with no warranty? No, I think I'd rather spend the money on lottery tickets.


I completely agree. In 26 years, I think I've only utilised the safety net of a guarantee arrangement twice. Still I totally understand why people would want one.


that could be their additional charges, but the UK customs will hold the item until you pay all their duty charges then you will be asked to pay the courier's admin/handling charges too. this has happened to me a couple of times in the past (even when the item is marked as a "gift")


I cant remember the last time I used a guarantee for anything irrespective of whether it was UK or abroad I got the item. I think the general fear here (and hence cold votes) is either getting bumped for the goods once they are paid, or getting a whacking great Customs/Duty charge once the items hit the UK.

Uncharted: Golden Abyss (PS Vita) US Version £31.84 @ YesAsia
Found 6th Feb 2012Found 6th Feb 2012
Uncharted: Golden Abyss (PS Vita) US Version £31.84 @ YesAsia
Found this on Yesasia. Its eligible for free shipping but there could be tax on top but its a good deal for those who are wiling to take the risk!
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not really worth it since you can only have one account per memory card


plus DLC will probably need to be purchased via the HK store


I don't get custom for games (import loads of Japanese games from yesasia). I wouldn't really want to buy it for £4 less and wait for it, might as well spend that much extra and get it on the same day.


Shame we have to wait for a patch for Multiplayer, which also means a large chunk of memory from your mem stick :/ Will definitely be waiting till its £30 or under though, considering its only a 10 hour story and thats that. Although I suppose theres replay value in the form of trophy whoring.


35 quid in Morrison's on 22nd no point risking customs for a couple of quid saving

Professor Layton & the Curious Village IN STOCK American Version £26.73 @ YesAsia
Found 12th Dec 2008Found 12th Dec 2008
Professor Layton & the Curious Village IN STOCK American Version £26.73 @ YesAsia
this site has Professor Layton & the Curious Village in stock althought its the american version. delivery 7-14 days

It's because whenever I've listed deals at non-UK based sites, mods pull them. Dunno what the real ruling is.


have pm'd you as v interested!!!!!!!! Hope you still have it.


I have a spare copy of this, please pm me if interested


Not sure where you got that idea...constant link for deal extreme on here. Its a good game btw.


I thought that non-UK sites weren't allowed ?

GTA IV for £25.60
Found 27th Mar 2008Found 27th Mar 2008
GTA IV for £25.60
Please be Gentle this is my first Deal. This is for Asian version of the game from The list price is $51.49 and with todays exchange rate is £25.60. I bought the … Read more
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oooh ive been reported...big-boy you need to get a life for sure and a real job! who said i was a guy? report me again "little-boy"...we can tell you have a problem with "size"!


The playasia stuff all says no delivery to EU? Is this correct or are they still posting? cheers


big-boy;1788460 Do you never have anything constructive to say ???, same old thing: [COLOR="Red"]Digihome 2125 21" Real Flat TV £69.97 Posted by burhaan777 in Deals on 27-03-2008 pathetic, hideous and useless...guess what im going to vote it? also, why do people care if the deal they found is voted cold? get a life! come on, if people out there feel it isnt a good deal, just get over it! this is a website, not your life! Up to 25% off new releases (PC & video games @ amazon) Posted by burhaan777 in Deals on 27-03-2008 why do people care if the deal they found is voted cold? get a life! come on, if people out there feel it isnt a good deal, just get over it! this is a website, not your life! [/COLOR] I can't believe this guy burhaan777- the irony of someone telling people to get a life away from this website when he himself spends more time on here posting the same cut and pasted post is brilliant!


I believe Yesasia ship to a European warehouse and then re-ship to the UK avoiding import duty for the buyer - I got Cod4 from them and this is what they did - it did take about 8days for delivery though! yes -see here: Customers placing orders to the UK and Germany are eligible for our tax-free (VAT-Free) offer if they select Standard Shipping as their shipping method. However, all Sony game products, including consoles, accessories, and games, are not eligible for tax-free (VAT-Free) service. (]See details)


Just get over it! this is a website, not your life! :giggle:

Sony PS3 DualShock3 Wireless Controller @ Yesasia - £30.20 + Quidco
Found 5th Mar 2008Found 5th Mar 2008
Sony PS3 DualShock3 Wireless Controller @ Yesasia - £30.20 + Quidco
Sony PS3 DualShock3 Controller for £30.20 from yesasia Free shipping and no custom charges as they cover it all. This is a good deal considering the RRP of the original SIXAXIS con… Read more

why is this cold ?


ordered one, thanks


Japan is in Asia. :?


Im looking to get one of these, does anyone know what the difference is between the Asian version and the Japanese version apart from the asian one is £6 more?


Expect the RRP to be around £40+. battery life will all depend on game being played and how good you are (e.g driving in f1 without hitting kerbs will be rumble free ;-)

PS3 DUALSHOCK 3 CONTROLLER in stock £30 or less (quidco) @ YesAsia
Found 29th Jan 2008Found 29th Jan 2008
PS3 DUALSHOCK 3 CONTROLLER in stock £30 or less (quidco) @ YesAsia
PS3 Dualshock 3s in stock in Ceramic White $59.99 inc shipping/vat (roughly £30) quidco cashback + voucher "QUIDCO5" for $5 off

thanks :thumbsup: mine arrived in about 4 days and i love it with GTA4. dont wanna play any games without it now!


Mine was delivered in 7 days, said up to 30 days....I was really happy and would advise everyone to buy from them!


If they say it has been sent then it will have got lost in the post. I recieved mine about 10 days after I ordered.


i'm still waiting for mine which i ordered on the 03/01/08......


mine came today ordered the 29th of the 1st not bad really.

Black DS Lite (Jap Version) + Voltage adaptor + Free Delivery £81.30 (£77.62 quidco)
Found 14th Nov 2007Found 14th Nov 2007
Black DS Lite (Jap Version) + Voltage adaptor + Free Delivery £81.30 (£77.62 quidco)
Hello, My first attempt at posting a proper deal, son hope I have done it right. Had a quick scan for a DS deal with these guys and couldn't find one, so thought I would share the… Read more
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sadiebabes> you probably wont get taxed, because YesAsia takes care of this before the package reaches you. But please check comments by people who have ordered from us before. There should be some on this forum.


That doesn't guarantee anything... ---- So you probably will get taxed but if you do you can apply for a refund... I'd like to see that happen successfully... :giggle: And who wants all the hassle of paying the tax then claiming it back? God knows how long that would take...


dancrawley > you wont get taxed when buying from yesasia . see also this guarantee:〈=en : )


get from john lewis using £20 off £100 voucher. to tip it over the £100 mark i brought a xmas decoration for £1.50, so got ds and decoration for £81.45. free delivery.


You are pretty likely to get taxed, buying anything in this price range from Asia. You will also get hit by the Post Office/Parcelforce 'handling' charges if you are unlucky.