Gloe Bedtime Fun now only £14.99 [£14.62 with code] half price or less delivered @ Amazon!
Gloe Bedtime Fun now only £14.99 [£14.62 with code]  half price or less delivered @ Amazon!

Gloe Bedtime Fun now only £14.99 [£14.62 with code] half price or less delivered @ Amazon!

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Use the VAT CODE and save a bit more! Argos have this for £24.99.
The gloE Magical Rainbow Bear, Wand and Moon is a night time comfort for any child! With a magic wand to light up the Bear, Wand & Moon kids will never be scared of the dark again. Have sweet dreams with the gloE Bedroom Set! Requires: 3 x AA, 1 x CR2032 & 3 x AAA batteries. 3 Years +


Additions direct, Littlewoods direct...also have it ,half price £15, p&p £3.95 and on 3 for 2.
Plus there are still lots of codes about which could bring the price down further

Searched littlewoods direct and they are out of stock 12" gloe bears. not even sure if that one came with a wand.

Sorry if its out of stock, when I checked at 19.42 last night they were still in stock and yes it has a wand... and the moon..as in pic on ops post.
Just checked again (20.27) its 7 day delivery. Try searching for Bedtime Bear in 3 for 2

Bought one of these, and the moon + bear stopped working after about 2 weeks.

Being a geek i took the moon apart, and could see that the build quality is terrible, there were blobs of solder on some points that would look like a 12 year old had done it, definitely not a professionally put together item. Ignoring the blob of solder, i quickly located the negative lead which had broke away from it's point due to weak and insufficient amount of solder...solder sucked the remnants, and finished the point, and put it all back together. Works as it should.
Onto the bear, started by taking the battery box apart, as this is where most of the 'technical' stuff starts..build quality seems ALOT better by comparison. checked all points, and the power switch seems fine. the wires from the battery box, go into the bear and are joined by heat shrink tubing...that's as far as i got.
Ok, I decided to pull the stuffing out and investigate some more, i turned his switch arm inside out, as the two wires coming from the control box - were not connected to the switch. I re-soldered the switch wires, and a positive wire from the battery box to the control box had brokwen away from the control box side, i solder sucked and drilled the hole out which cleaned it perfectly, and re solderd the positive wire back into the control box.
A bit of needlework to keep the switch in place on the bears hand (it is stitched into a clock back which is sewn to the hands to keep it in place), and voilá .... it's all working fine.
Replaced the cable tie back round the control box to leave the battery box on view, placed it back in the bear, and now all we have to do is find the wand.

What does this tell us?
Well maybe it tells us nothing, but it could tell us that there is a lack of consistency in their build of product... or like i said it could mean nothing and we were unlucky with ours.
Seems co-incidental that both bear and moon stopped working (around about a few days apart from each other) and have different faults.

**** when it's working
1* for the month after.
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