Glue Sticks 5 Pack £1 @ Poundland

Glue Sticks 5 Pack £1 @ Poundland

Found 16th Mar 2014
Value pack of glue containing 5 x 21 gram glue sticks.
It is an good quality glue stick for various applications.
From any local Poundland store.
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cold ? ...must be to expensive

cold ? ...must be to expensive

For their actual ability to stick they are! Sticking to the good old Pritt Stick for me.
Kids had these in school and teacher asked why they had cheap glue. my reply "just tell your teacher mummy and daddy have 3 children to buy for" I stock up on pritt when offer is on though as soooooooo much better. You can normally get these on 3 for 2 though
I bought some of these. . and they are rubbish... not even sticky!
May as well lick two bits of paper, that would stick better than these, they're overpriced by £1! =P
nothing new about these .
Not fit for purpose, they dont stick.
We had "Gloy" when I was at school, it too was useless! Genuine Pritt Stick or nothing.
I use these for sticking work in my students books when they forget to do it themselves, which is often, so I'm not buying Pritt for 10x the price! You do need to use a lot, and it won't stick more than two thin pieces of paper together, but for the price compared to the real thing I think it's a deal.
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