Glühwein - 1L Bottle instore at ALDI £4.49

Glühwein - 1L Bottle instore at ALDI £4.49

Found 4th Nov 2011
Not sure how the price compares to other supermarkets as I've not tended to see it in the bigger ones and haven't been to LIDL yet... though still an awful lot cheaper than the Christmas Markets, of course.

1L, 10% vol

More of a heads up that it's available as much as anything, and that this one tastes pretty good... certainly much better than the Collezione Italiana Vino Rosso at £2.99 which was vile... my own fault really, just thought I'd chance it after having good experiences with the 99p ready meals! =p
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Well its mulled Wine, wouldnt drink it without warming it but tends to be a lot cheaper in the supermarkets however will not be called Gluhwein, just depends on the flavour. Heat added just because I love christmas

I got the impression there were slightly different recipes from country to country.

That said, this impression may be based purely on the fact that my grandmother's mulled wine was bloody awful! =D
This stuff is lovely, can't drink too much of it though. Warm it up and it's great on a cold day.
This really is fantastic stuff and perfect for warming you up on cold winter nights.
This is lovely stuff, but was only 3.99 last year, and reduced to 2.99 as no one was buying it. I will wait until the guaranteed price reduction just before Christmas. It was only a Euro a bottle in the supermarkets in germany when my parents went over in October.
hot hot hot just bought same from lidl dont know how much it was though yum yum
Gotta say guys this is a great german mulled wine, its the stuff served at christmas markets, and the flavour of this compared to the cheaper tesco stuff (which is english mulled wine)is second to none, my vote is hot for this, consider this is also one litre and n the standard 750ml. Serve hot/warm.
The germans also add a shot of rum if desired,,
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