GMAX 2-Bay Alloy HDD Enclosure SATA, FW800, FW400, USB2 - £26.74 delivered @ Expansys

GMAX 2-Bay Alloy HDD Enclosure SATA, FW800, FW400, USB2 - £26.74 delivered @ Expansys

Found 10th Apr 2010
Just received one of these. Please note that aperantly there is max 2 x 1Tb limit what is not menioned in description. Though very good price for FW800 2 HDD enclosure.


The GMAX 2-Bay Alloy External Hard Drive Enclosure is ultra-stylish and has space for 2 SATA hard drives.

When you put two SATA drives inside the enclosure (minimum of 2 drives required to use this enclosure), the controller spans the capacity to make one large volume visible to your operating system. You can use drives of different capacities - there are no drivers required and it will work with Mac OSX and Windows XP upwards.

The back of the unit has 1 x USB 2 port, 1 x Firewire 400 port and 2 x Firewire 800 port.

In the box:
2-Bay Enclosure
1 x USB cable
1 x Firewire 400-400 cable
1 x Firewire 800-800 cable
1 x power block with UK and US plugs

Technical Details
Supports 2 pcs of 3.5" SATA HDDs
- USB2.0 x1
- Firewire 400 x1
- Firewire 800 x 2
Kit includes :
Drive Enclosure, USB cable x1, Firewire 400-400 cable x1, Firewire 800-800 cable x 1


Original Poster

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Also if anyone can find a new firmware that supports HDD above 1Tb please post a link.

nice looking unit

Good price and looks good too,
but am wary: what if one drive fails?


yes great deal
bought two last week
didnt post here because i didnt think there woudl be many bad!

one of them has failed..the speed of transfer was comign up at only 500kb..well slow considering how much i got to trasnfer!

have emailed expansysa few day ago and no reply..slow customer service

Love the specs of this and the price. I am slightly worried about Acidforums issues with it though.

I wanted something like this but preferably something that would give me raid 1+0 reliability, Not just span the info across 2 discs.

Heat Added anyway.

i was watchign it for a while
it was at £29.99 here and amazon for a long time
so at this price i couldnt argue!

No eSATA ?
No USB 3.0

simply not worth considering, retailers are going to be dumping these like their stolen in the next few months as the new formats are here

Expansys have this drive enclosure in their Amazon shop with slightly cheaper P&P. I just bought one there for a total price of £16.87 at the checkout.

Mine has just failed, need to check the disks/controller to see which it is.

Did anyone find an updated firmware for this to increase the max beyond 2x1TB ?.

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