Go ! Explore (includes PSP GPS Receiver) PSP for 29.99 (4% Quidco)  PREORDER Shopto.net

Go ! Explore (includes PSP GPS Receiver) PSP for 29.99 (4% Quidco) PREORDER Shopto.net

Found 5th May 2008
Go! Explore (includes PSP GPS Receiver)

Go!Explore is the 3D sat nav for the PSP that uses a GPS reciever. Go!Explore is a fully functional, state of the art satellite navigation tool for PSP, incorporating both vehicle and pedestrian functionality, the very latest in three dimensional mapping technology and over 100 different categories of overlays for such things as speed cameras, petrol stations and restaurants. The Go!Explore package comes with the GPS system and a UMD featuring all UK and Ireland maps. You can choose from 12 languages and more voices willl become avaliable to download via the PSP Store.

Points of Interest - 100 categories with thousands of locations

Superior Graphics - 2D and 3D city maps with 3D landmarks

12 Languages - Includes 22 unique audio voices

Find and Go - Easy search features and smart keyboard

Smart Zoom - Automatic zooming and map tilting

Explore Map - Search and explore the surrounding area

My Data - Manage favourite trips, saved places and routes

Route Settings - Fastest/shortest routes and safety/night modes

Itinerary Mode - Step-by-step journey schedules



already posted I think

this is the same deal as was posted earlier through game!

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Won't be honoured. Shopto change their price like two weeks before release date - and they charge you for the full amount unless you cancel. :whistling:

I would just get it from Game (£29.99) . As its in the Terms and Conditions, that they do honour the price.

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this is the same deal as was posted earlier through game!

incase game doesnt honor the mis-price:roll:


incase game doesnt honor the mis-price:roll:

In their terms and conditions they say they do.


incase game doesnt honor the mis-price:roll:

they can try but ive got in in the terms and conditions that they honour the price.

defo get it from game

There should be some information regarding this tomorrow as its Sony's Gamers Day and the Go! Explore is one of the products on show.

2 'mis-prices' on the same product from different retailers - is this a red herring ?

Better buying it from Game they do keep to there pre-order prices unlike Shopto and Game will give you double reward points and more cashback on Quidco :thumbsup:

yep better deal at game

So is this really going to be about 30 quid ish? Well worth the money, not worth it for hundred quid, cos the price of sat navs hat fallen like mad. I've seen a video of the mapping, it's mio maps with 3d. Pda users compare it to tomtom. I've put it on my brother in laws cheapo windows sat nav like the one from ebuyer, he's not used it yet so can't give opinion yet.

I would say the price of £30.00 is the right price. I've read the comments in this thread and the last one about it being a mis-price as HMV have upped it to £99. I think they are the ones who have priced it wrong. The GPS addon has been available in Japan for 7 months ish at least. They have been selling on ebay for anything from £25 to £40. I seriously doubt that anyone on ebay would sell these at a loss. That's just my view.:thumbsup:

Game ain't honouring. Yep they are saying they can't honour as the price on the website was wrongly entered, or something like that.

So hoping Shopto will do sell it for £29.99 although its in pre-order at the moment - which I'm not quite sure what the policy is but if the price goes up once they have the item they will give you an option to confirm your order before taking payment - can somebody confirm/correct me on this matter as I have never bought from Shopto before.


Game ain't honouring.

You had been contacted by Game to say that ?

read in the misc coloumn aty

Cheers Strike

What a silly place to put that it's not being honored.

but the link for those like me

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