Go on, put a smile on someones face with www.potatoparade.co.uk!

Go on, put a smile on someones face with www.potatoparade.co.uk!

Found 17th Oct 2009
This is brill and free to send. It has tons of names to choose from and it will make you and someone else chuckle :-)




I think its great, thanks!!

sent one for my gf's birthday tomorrow.thanks

funny had a great laugh with it:w00t::w00t::w00t:

ha ha brilliant !!

Its great...just sent to all my address book, heat and rep added

I'm loving it FAB :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

This is brilliant, thanks heat and rep added. :thumbsup:

Very funny thanks

Great fun!

Fab Fab Fab

what a laugh :thumbsup: i've already sent a dozen !!! :giggle:

Brilliant! Just sent one to my best mate. Shame I won't see his face when he opens it! Heat & rep' added!

Made me smile - have sent out lots - thanks.

thats fab..have sent a couple!! thanks

brilliant! great idea! H+R!


Original Poster


yeah very good and very funny

sent a couple myself

great just sent one:whistling:


:w00t: this is great.

haha wicked....heat added

wicked thanks sent loads out:thumbsup:

loved it thank you

Used this many times last year, Worth doing

:thumbsup: Great, that should make the wife smile
H&R added

That's brill, thanks!

brilliant - what a find!!!

:thumbsup: loved it thanks sent to my grandaughter. H& R


Sent it to my two daughters.

Thank you!

Fantastics, What a giggle !!!


I love this. Have sent loads already

So going to annoy my mates with this!! lol Thanks

LMAO!!!! i can't stop laughing!!! i've sent it to so many people LOL!


sent one for my gf's birthday tomorrow.thanks

I hope you sent her something else also you tight ****. :roll:

quality - busted a couple of ribs laughing at this

thanks just sent to my BF

welshy x

i love this-i sent 3 one to my best firend, one to my mum and one to my fiance-they all loved it too
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