Go Outdoors Sale - Up to 81% off
Go Outdoors Sale - Up to 81% off

Go Outdoors Sale - Up to 81% off

Good camping and walking gear here


Not sure why people would vote this cold....?

I'm afraid as far as voting cold is concerned, there are Go Outdoor haters out there who would vote cold even if it was free. Many Go Outdoor offers on this site are voted cold to begin with for reasons most cold voters will not explain. Shame they cannot be bothered to say why - maybe we all could benefit from their wisdom!

Go Outdoors do offer good branded gear - but its difficult to find instore due to the fact that they flood their stores with cheap low quality 'Hi Gear' stuff. If they grouped individual branded stuff up better they would sell a lot more stuff. Voted Hot.

Agreed re the cheap stuff they sell. However go outdoors is a bargain if you go prepared. I bought a few very expensive items there in the last year and made them price match stupidly low inet prices. Which they did. £50 off my meindl boots, £70 of ME Kongur jacket £110 of a ME annapurna.
It was like robbery... lol
Not many retain places which price match online but when GO price match they also give you £10 extra off the original price (not 10% of the difference).

i also get them to price match alot of stuff, with some great deals from online retailers. but i always get 10% off, were did u get the £10 off from. never seen any mention of that.

Where do you use to price match against? Sounds like the kind of online shops I should be looking for
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