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Petrol £1.319 & Diesel £1.559p until 7pm @ Go Petrol (Northern Ireland)

In store: Northern Ireland
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Let the queues commence


Go Red on Thanksgiving Thursday DEAL...

No Black Friday...
No Catch...
Just HUGE savings!

7am- 7pm today ONLY at the following sites:

  • Go Portadown
  • Go Carrickfergus
  • Go Cookstown
  • Go Crumlin
  • Go Yorkgate
  • Go Great Victoria Street
  • Go Grand Parade
  • Go Twin Spires
  • Go Crewcatt
  • Go Ballynahinch
  • Go Dunman Cookstown
  • Go A1 Banbridge
  • Go Mallusk
  • Go Armagh
  • Go Moyola
  • Go Cameron Stewarts Cookstown
  • Go Lissan
  • Go Moscow Road
  • Go Landscape Crumlin Road
  • Go St. Marys Road Liverpool
  • LCC Oil Ballymena
  • Antrim Road Service Station Belfast

One transaction per customer
Must be into vehicle tanks ONLY
No container/ storage tank fills allowed

ts & cs apply while stocks last
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    Shame on the government in not reducing the tax on fuel or the vat on the tax (edited)
    Shame on the people who voted in that government.
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    Cold. None in the offer in County Derry, although I think it's still cheaper to buy fuel in the south.
    You should try County Londonderry, better there. Was down the the Republic of Ireland about a month ago and it wasnt any cheaper
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    Thanksgiving day in Ireland ? Fuel might get reduced again for happy holidays:)
  4. Avatar
    Caused traffic chaos last year.. This should hit +10 000...cheapest by 25p a litre.. Well done GO, shame on the supermarket crooks
  5. Avatar
    Thanksgiving...in Ireland...
    A lot of Irish headed to the US between 1845-52 to avoid starvation, so close connections with the place. Still a bit of a weird promo.
  6. Avatar
    A large price drop is good but a smaller reduction over a longer period is better, it reduces panic buying/ long queues and "encourages" other local petrol stations to reduce their prices to compete.
  7. Avatar

    Grate deal
  8. Avatar
    Typical. I filled the car up yesterday at £1.80 a litre! Absolutely obscene the differential between petrol and diesel these days, especially when diesel is cheaper to refine!
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    We love a good queue!
  10. Avatar
    I can't understand why the fuel went so expensive and as quick as it did with no let up ? Hitting the vehicle drivers yet again
  11. Avatar
    Guess who just filled up yesterday at £1.77.... Thanks for the up . heat added
  12. Avatar
    Brilliant price. Diesel still £1.87 in Weymouth.
  13. Avatar
    Just goes to show how much the petrol stations are making when they can afford to knock 20 pence off a litre .
    2 brand new petrol stations getting built near me in Belfast and 1 built a few months ago . Complete profiteering . Should be this price all the time !!!!
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    filled the car last night, so this makes sense
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    48807695-m304p.jpgI thought this was a good deal yesterday but said store isn't in the list above, so likely this is the best you'll get for GO pumps not in the Thanksgiving promo.
  16. Avatar
    Massive queues near me, not going to queue for ages to save a couple of pounds, life's too short.
  17. Avatar
    Go "red" ?? Are they offering cherry?? If so it should be cheaper than that
  18. Avatar
    wish I had a hose long enough, I could make a few quid by saving the travel. !

    48809048-SDrZu.jpg (edited)
    Use milk bottles lol
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    Just shows how much therest are stealing off us.
  20. Avatar
    Yes we're being ripped off but given that no other garages are even close to this price, this is hot for me - filled up at lunch. Took about 20 mins in the queue but I'll take it for the saving.
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    You gotta love all the meltdowns on the Facebook page
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    Was down to £1.75.9 when I left on Tuesday, and that was really good against Asda on the mainland.
  23. Avatar
    my local got £1.92 diesel shell in bedford. (edited)
  24. Avatar
    Mile long queue at the local. Not worth 1hr+ queue for saving a tenner.