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Dead Rising 4 XBOX ONE £8.49 @ GO2GAMES
Found 3rd AugFound 3rd Aug
It's the holiday season in Willamette, Colorado and a mysterious outbreak has overrun the Willamette Memorial Megaplex Mall and surrounding town with dangerous and deadly predators… Read more
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Make the jump. Fun, fun, fun bashing zombies heads in (y)


This never seems to go cheap cheap on digital... Might have to jump at this price.


There ain't nothing hotter than that (lol) . His facial expressions (excited) looks like he's having the time of his life (party)



Hot n spicy (y)

Doom (Xbox One) £6.99 Delivered @ Go2Games
Found 2nd AugFound 2nd Aug
Developed by id software, the studio that pioneered the first-person shooter genre, Doom returns as a brutally fun and challenging modern-day shooter experience. Combine your arse… Read more

Confirmed https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2018/08/10/xbox-game-pass-doom-and-rage-available-now/


Looks pretty promising. Really hope it is coming to game pass.


It was on a Reddit post where they were commenting on a cryptic Twitter message made by Microsoft Games Pass post https://www.reddit.com/r/xboxone/comments/93z2am/new_additions_coming_to_gamepass_soon_can_you All conjecture, but I'm going to wait until then before contemplating buying it


This game is still worth £20-30 in my opinion.. if you haven’t played this do yourself a favour people, it’s stupidly good..


To be fair, it has been £5 at the likes of Asda and Game recently, but at the moment, this is probably the cheapest price

Dishonored 2 (Xbox One) £6.99 Delivered @ Go2Games
Refreshed 3rd AugRefreshed 3rd Aug
Reprise your role as a supernatural assassin in Dishonored 2 - the follow up to Arkane Studio's first-person action blockbuster and winner of more than 100 'Game of the Year' award… Read more

Need to get this game. (cheeky)


Also in Sainsbury's at the same price


Been looking out for this for ages but on PS4. Are these brand new?


Been looking out for this for ages but on PS4. Are these brand new?


great game...

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Xbox One S 500GB Console £179.99 1TB model £198.99 at Go2Games
Refreshed 6th AugRefreshed 6th Aug
£179.99 with free shipping. Xbox One S 1TB model £198.99 https://www.go2games.com/xbox-one-s-1tb-white Note that the eBay/Coop 20% off deal for Forza Horizon 3 500GB bundle fo… Read more
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Mmmm just checked and seems to be gone , I only bought it about 3 days ago . Sry didn't check if it was still there


I didn't pay too much attention as just passing, but Sainsburys (White Rose, Leeds) had something very similar, if not this bundle, for very similar price, if not the same price, earlier today.


Got a link? I can't see that bundle


I have both too. I play single player games on the X where the improvements over the Pro are obvious and then anything else on the Pro aha


Personally I would go with ps4 , but most of those games you mention are multi plat so there won’t be much difference , saying that the ps4 will probably have more players as there’s is a larger install base , cross play isn’t much of an issue as that only effects Xbox and switch as you can cross play fine with pc on ps4 . But where the ps4 shines imo is in Japanese single player games of which there are a lot of great ones (persona 5 ,nioh, Bloodborne, nier) but mostly you mentioned mmo games so these may not appeal to you. i would also try to feel both pads too as one may feel better in your hands (again i prefer ps but that seems my personal preference

Mafia 3 for Xbox One £5.99 at Go2Games
Found 26th JulFound 26th Jul
£5.99 with free shipping
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Agree with comments of it being repetitive. Soundtrack was amazing and game had potential but just not enough variation in the missions for me. Got it on disk and gets put on for hour and then bored after that. Would say it's a 6/10.


It's a beautiful game, and the story is told in an interesting way. It's not a bad game however the missions do become very repetitive after a few hours. At £5.99 though you can't really go wrong. The season pass was a breath of fresh air so if you can pick that up for a decent price too you're onto a winner!


At this kind of price it’s a good purchase. I found the season pass a bit dull, but for the extra £2 you can hardly complain.


Ordered the version with season pass the other day. Just arrived today so good first experience with the site. Not got the best reviews I know but I shall see! Can't really complain for 7.99



Agents of Mayhem Day One Edition Xbox / PS4 - £3.49 @ Go2games
Found 25th JulFound 25th Jul
Looks to be the lowest price around for the Xbox/PS4 version of Agents Mayhem - free delivery After the horrors of Devil’s Night, the world was left in ruins from the devast… Read more
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I haven’t seen much gameplay but it’s probably worth under a fiver. It would have sold a lot better if they’d just called it Saints Row 5 (which it essentially is given that it’s set in the same universe, afaik) and included multiplayer/co-op.


Already got mine from The Game Collection (£3.95 new). Figured this game didn't sell very well and that's why you're seeing lots of day one copies new still for cheap. I know it wasn't very well received but at this price the game is worth checking out. Having a quick glance of the gameplay I am slightly reminded of Crackdown.


Just ordered this, thanks op!


Definitely definitely worth it at this price. Do yourself a favour and check it out. Don't go in expecting a new Saints Row game however, because this is not that at all. You'll find yourself enjoying playing certain agents for each mission. Can feel a little repetitive at times but switching up your squad every now and then makes it a lot more fun.


At this price it's definitely worth it, it flopped so I doubt the devs will update it but it's fun

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[PS4/XboxOne] Prey - £5.99 - Go2Games
Found 25th JulFound 25th Jul
Fantastic price, available, as mentioned, on PS4 and Xbox One :) Price comparisons [ PS4 ] [ Xbox One ] Prey is a first-person sci-fi action game from Arkane Studi… Read more
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OOS now


Save £6 and don't bother


What a waste of £6. So slow and clunky. Straight in the bin


Bought on one of the eBay deals about a month ago. Absolutely brilliant. Cool story development, some little twists (some bigger) and this game is longer than I expected. Looking at about 30 hours-ish but I did explore everywhere and do as much as I could. Also has replayability based on certain in game choices (no spoilers) but there are reasons to play the game at least twice! (Sadly God of War was the top of my pile of shame so I'll go back to Prey later)


The game is now Xbox One X enhanced if you have one.

[PS4] Dissidia Final Fantasy NT - £8.99 - Go2Games
Found 25th JulFound 25th Jul
Square Enix presents DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT in partnership with Team Ninja from KOEI TECMO GAMES, a new and refreshing team-based brawler experience! Combining seamless gamepla… Read more
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Aye I know! Gonna wait for that to hit a tenner before buying, but if they add my boy Vivi, I will be a happy person.


Its a shame they had to be morons with locking extra characters behind the season pass and as someone else pointed out the severe lack of offline content but for sure will be picking up at this price point. Anything to see my boy Tidus again ;)


Opinions mate,I think because it is such a departure from the PSP ones and there is not a great amount of Single Player content, but if you have online and love Final Fantasy, it comes highly recommended by me and it is only £9!


Saw a lot of bad reviews and there was another thread game gets called turd lol?


It's not bad, there are still loads of people playing via Custom Match lobbies, but ranked matchmaking is a bit slow, but I am actually really enjoying this so fair, for £9 you can't go wrong! But it is quite different than the PSP games as it focus on more on online play. Graphics are lovely though, and there is loads to unlock without any extra purchasing.

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age [PS4] £8.99 @ Go2Games
Found 24th JulFound 24th Jul
I’m not sure if this has posted but good price for this game. (y)

XII is my favourite. An amazing price.


VI or VII for me personally.


Scorching deal, been after this one for a while, got the original on PS2 so was hoping for a drop! Thanks for posting!


(horror) (excited)


[Xbox One] For Honor - £7.99 - Go2Games
Found 24th JulFound 24th Jul
Daily deal. Next cheapest I can see is £14.85 new :) [ Price comparison ] Carve a path of destruction through the battlefield fighting for guts, glory, and survival in … Read more
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This is on free with GOLD next month


(:I One can dream mate.


You sure it is not more like this... (popcorn)


Hylian Shield (strong)


Is it still fairly easy to find games of this? Super tempted to get this but not if practically no-one is playing!

[Nintendo Switch] Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker - £27.99 - Go2Games
Found 24th JulFound 24th Jul
Great price, slightly cheaper than Base :) Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is finally coming to Nintendo Switch, and it's better than ever. Play levels from Super Mario Odysse… Read more
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please, no. now i HAVE to buy it (shock)


They have added 4 new maps from mario oddysey


It does get quite difficult after the first chapter. Completing the levels is not too bad but collecting everything on the levels is a challenge


Thank you! I won't be buying this then. I did buy Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze and kinda regret it as they didn't bother adding anything new or extra, apart from a new character whom I don't intend to play.


A little bit of gameplay change due to the lack of second screen on the switch. Reviews say it's not worth buying again on Switch unless you are compelled to play on the go. But I suppose its up to the individual if £28 is worth paying again for pretty much the same thing.

[Xbox One] Mafia 3 Deluxe Edition - £7.99 - Go2Games
Found 23rd JulFound 23rd Jul
Includes the season pass (y) If you need it on PlayStation 4, it's £7.95 at The Game Collection . Season Pass: Find out more about Lincoln Clay's time in New Bordeaux w… Read more
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Did anyone get this deal ? I ordered on the 25th July and got confirmation ect next day along with tracking number.....Since then nothing. Tracking number states we will update this page when delivery is attempted. Seems a bit odd that it doesn't say where in the system the item is lol.


Ah great, thanks (y)


Just been going through my online banking and seen Go2 have taken the money for the game today (despatched yesterday) and have only been charged £5.92 so maybe an even better deal than we thought!


Season pass is a download.


Is it all on the disc or is the season pass a download?

[Xbox One] State of Decay 2 - £14.99 - Go2Games
Found 16th JulFound 16th Jul
Fantastic price (y) [ Price comparison ] How Will You Survive? Small-town America, one year from today. The dead have risen and civilization has fallen. Not even the… Read more
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Looks to be back in stock


Think I just grabbed the last one, as it's now out of stock


Provide me with a link to the overall figures then since you are so convinced this is the case XD


Check overall figures and not just May in the US lol


State of Decay 2 dethrones God of War as May's best-selling game in the U.S. https://www.windowscentral.com/state-decay-2-beats-god-war-and-detroit-become-human-become-mays-best-selling-game-us State of Decay 2 surprisingly reigns supreme. "Every month The NPD Group compiles a list of the best-selling games in the United States. May 2018 was packed with a number of high-profile releases like State of Decay 2, Detroit: Become Human, Dark Souls Remastered, and Conan Exiles. Detroit: Become Human was arguably the biggest game with the most marketing behind it, but it turns out that State of Decay 2 managed to beat the highly-anticipated PlayStation 4 exclusive. Along with that, it also managed to dethrone God of War for the top spot in the United States. Mat Piscatella, a video games industry analyst at The NPD Group, revealed this information on Twitter. The fact that State of Decay 2 managed to surpass titles like God of War and Detroit: Become Human is a testament to the game's addictive nature and popularity of the franchise. State of Decay 2 didn't garner great reviews at launch due to its bugs, but that didn't stop it from topping the charts. Plus, it was also available for free through Xbox Game Pass which detracted from sales."

Prey for Xbox One £7.99 at Go2Games
Found 13th JulFound 13th Jul
£7.99 with free shipping
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It has had an update though a bit of a lazy one compared to usual ones. Updated June 22, 2018: Prey now runs at 1440p 30 FPS on Xbox One X. and 1080p 30 FPS on PlayStation 4 Pro. https://www.windowscentral.com/prey-now-xbox-one-x-enhanced


The game's been enhanced for the 1X, but not upgraded to 4K or HDR... https://www.xbox.com/en-us/games/xbox-one/xbox-one-x-enhanced-list


Has this had any kind of one x update at all for anyone that owns the game and a X1X? Can’t seem to find any info on this


Pretty standard price for this now https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/prey-xbox-one-799-delivered-go2games-2947124

Xbox One X 1TB Console £399.99 @ Go2Games
Found 30th JunFound 30th Jun
Best price I've seen for the xbox one x. Got off this company before for a controller, came quickly and worked.
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More powerful/better graphics, cross platform games (Xbox wants PlayStation to join them with Cross platform but they are too afraid to lose sales.. I mean because of the childeren!!!) Xbox could get better exclusives than PS4, we'll have to see what they've got in the works, remember these PS4 exclusives have been in development for ages Xbox Live is cheaper than PS Gold also Xbox game pass, backwards compatibility


In what ways


This was the standard edition.


4th...crikey. Standard or Scorpio? I agree it is a shame. I barely used my Xbox One before I upgraded, and that didn't really change when I got the X. I am invested in it though (lots of games and my Live Gold sub is paid up until the end of 2020!) so I will get another at some point, but probably an S.


It is very strange. Im on my 4th Xbox One X, from Argos. The first lasted 24 hours and started black screening and then wouldn’t power on. The second started black screening straight from switching on and the third was covered in scratches when I opened the box. Touch wood, the forth has been absolutely fine and had a really recent manufacture date. The first 3 had a manufacture date on them that was close to the launch date. Its an impressive console but seeing The Last of Us 2... I must admit I feel I’ve dropped a clanger. No exclusive games on the One X, just ‘enhanced’ existing titles. Shame really.

Mass Effect Andromeda (Xbox One) £9.99 Delivered @ Go2Games
Found 28th JunFound 28th Jun
Mass Effect: Andromeda takes players to the Andromeda galaxy, far beyond the Milky Way There, players will lead our fight for a new home in hostile territory as the Pathfinder - a … Read more

It's £8.99 at 365Games with code JU10 (y)


I know some will slag it off but I thought this was actually quite good, bugs aside and with DLC would've been great. Well worth a tenner


It’s almost as if some people might enjoy actually owning the game, rather than paying for access to it :/


Actually took longer than i thought for the first EA Access comment (y)


Get EA Access for around £20 and this is free, plus so much more.

Dead Rising 4 (Xbox One) £8.49 Delivered @ Go2Games
Found 28th JunFound 28th Jun
A Hero Returns: Frank West returns in the next chapter of the Dead Rising franchise Two all-new classes of zombies: Explore and scavenge the open world sandbox of Willamette, Colo… Read more

It was £10 at Smyths. Somewhere else (Coolshop, maybe) has it for £14.99.


Be waiting a long time for Xbox One then...


Waiting for a good deal on Frank's Big Package. Can't be too long now...


Is this any good folks? I'm just after a fun zombie killing type of game play similar to COD Black ops zombie mode.

(PS4) South Park The Fractured But Whole (Includes The Stick of Truth Download Code) - £16.99 Delivered @ Go2Games
Found 22nd JunFound 22nd Jun
UPDATE: Apologies didn’t realise the stick of truth download code expired on the 31st Jan From the creators of South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, comes South Park: The Fract… Read more

Just wanted to post that the code does work


Legend ! I was worried


It does work, I redeemed mine last week


Hmmm right I’ll post if it works Mehh


I picked up new and sealed copy from Smyths two weeks ago, despite it stating it expires 31st Jan '18, my code still worked!

Mafia 3 for Xbox One £6.99 at Go2Games
Found 18th JunFound 18th Jun
£6.99 with free shipping.
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That's an excellent price, paid that yesterday digital from Argentina! Much less hassle this way lol.


What dropped in value quicker, this or Quantum Break? :D


It's an extra £3 for Deluxe Edition with season pass mate (y)

The Last of Us PS4 Skin Wrap - £3.99 @ Go2Games
Found 13th JunFound 13th Jun
The Last of Us PS4 Skin
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Out of all the skins a TLOU skin yuck


£250? POP :).


Naw, ye widnae.


There were special editions when the game originally came out on PS3 that had controller skins. They looked great but were not at all durable with the image wearing off or the whole thing unpeeling itself. Not really worth it imo. The console wraps would, presumably, last much better as they'll get handled so much less than the controllers.


Presumably this wouldn't fit a PS4 Pro? And any idea what the controller skin is like (or if there is one?) I know there's no picture but it says so in the description...