Goal! 3 Blu-ray £9.93 delivered @ W H Smith Ent

Goal! 3 Blu-ray £9.93 delivered @ W H Smith Ent

Found 15th Sep 2009
From the producers of Goal and Goal 2 comes the latest installment in the fast-paced, action packed trilogy.

With the actual World Cup as its dramatic backdrop, this is the story of two players, Liam Adams (J.J Fields) and his best friend and Real Madrid teammate Charlie Braithwaite (Leo Gregory). Their journey playing for home country England takes them to the center of the greatest stage on Earth and is filled with humor, romance, tragedy and redemption. Liam's world is turned upside down by a chance reunion just as he's set to enjoy the pinnacle of his professional career. This is also a 'coming of age' story for young Liam who finally faces up to his responsibilities on and off the field of play.


Good price, good price but the WORST film I've ever seen. Without any doubt, the worst sequel ever produced (and I've seen Indy 4). I'm not being overly dramatic, this actually is the worst budgeted film I've ever seen.

I loved the first Goal film, liked the second and HATED the third. The story arc and characters from the first two films were seemingly leading to a resolution in this third film. Nope. It's just ignored and they bring in two new characters, have a poor story about them and a couple of cameo apperances from Kuno Becker (the lead in the other films and main picture on the cover). He doesn't even kick a ball in this awful awful film.

As a Newcastle fan I'm already used to watching rubbish (OK, this season is bizarrely OK thus far) but this was beyond my threshold. Mike Ashley's speaking cameo pushed it to a new realm of ridiculousness.

All of the football scenes have been done with a wishy washy green screen and it doesn't stand up well to blu-ray scruteneering.

Buy this by all means, but you will hate it if you liked the previous films.

There is a reason this bypassed the cinemas.....

goal 3 - don't buy it under any circumstance- it is truly the worst film i've seen in years. i was looking forward to seeing the latest adventures of santiago but he was like a background character and never even played football.
what a joke of a film. at least i only rented it!
be warned!:x

this is a joke of a film and a disgrace to the previous two.. don't waste your time and money.

This film should be called Hatrick !

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