God Of War 2 [Platinum] PS2 - £7.93 Delivered @ Asda.com (5% Quidco also available)

God Of War 2 [Platinum] PS2 - £7.93 Delivered @ Asda.com (5% Quidco also available)

Found 5th Aug 2008
Posted a similar deal this morning, but expired as all the retailers moved the price up as soon as everyone started ordering, but this is the only retailer still selling it at the cheap price. This morning you could of purchased it from LoveFilm, TheHut, Dixons, Currys & Sendit.com for a similar price, but it is now around the £12.93 range now.

So grab a copy now quick.

Here is the expired deal from this morning:- hotukdeals.com/ite…li/

5% Quidco also available (.40p) makes it only £7.53.

RRP: £14.99.

This has to be the best game ever to of been released on the PS2 and all the reviews on the net seem to agree. I have finished it a couple of times now and have to say it is probably one of the best games I have played on my PS3 (60GB version which is backwards compatible).


The End Begins... As the new God Of War, Kratos fears no man and respects no high power. Leaving his throne on Mount Olympus, he rages through battle after battle, determined to alter that which no God, nor mortal, has ever changed - his own hellish fate. The odyssey continues in an epic tale of conflict and revenge. Journey to the ends of the earth, encountering Atlas, Icarus, Pegasus and others from the brutal world of Greek mythology. Use powerful new combat moves, magic and weapons to destroy all who stand in your way.


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]This is what IGN thought of the game:-

God of War II may in fact be the best action game ever made. It outdoes the original God of War in every way, even if only by a tiny bit as the first was so good to begin with. It's an evolutionary step rather than a revolutionary leap, but it has basically perfected the formula that the original set up. If you own a PlayStation 2 (or PS3) and don't mind excessive amounts of blood, you absolutely must play this game. If you don't own a PS2, find someone who does and sit yourself down in front of their TV for 12 or so hours as you'll otherwise be missing out on one of gaming's most intense and engaging experiences available.

Presentation - [COLOR="Red"]9.5/10[/COLOR]
A fantastic story with great voice acting, tons of extras and unlockables and more.

Graphics - [COLOR="red"]10/10[/COLOR]
It simply does not get any better.

Sound - [COLOR="red"]10/10[/COLOR]
God of War's score was flawless, and the sequel is a perfect follow-up. Oscar worthy to be sure.

Gameplay - [COLOR="red"]9.5/10[/COLOR]
It's more of the same, but that's exactly what we wanted. Can action gaming actually get too much better on next-gen systems?

Lasting Appeal - [COLOR="red"]9/10[/COLOR]
A dozen or so hours on your first time through is reasonable, but going back at the higher levels and finding all the extra goodies will take you a long, long time. Tons of bonus modes too.

Overall - [COLOR="red"]9.7/10[/COLOR]


Overall - [COLOR="red"]9.7/10[/COLOR]Incredible

Great Game. :thumbsup: Hot deal.

The first game was great, traded it in ages ago though. Not loving platinum games but oh wells, any way to get GOWII for less than a tenner:-D sounds great to me

Still a hotty !

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£11.93 now, well done those who ordered.
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