God of War 3 for PS3 - £17 instore, £17.97 online @ Tesco

God of War 3 for PS3 - £17 instore, £17.97 online @ Tesco

Found 16th Dec 2011
- £17 instore, not Platinum version
- £17.97 online at Tesco Entertainment, unsure if Platinum

Like an episode of Gladiators after a weekend on heavy psychedelic chemicals, God of War 3 lets you play as Kratos, 40 Rothmans-a-day half deity, half stripper. Kratos is narked that his father, Zeus, has cut his allowance, meaning Kratos has to get a part time job in Poundland to afford loincloths, white and red makeup and bottles of K cider. Naturally unhappy about this, Kratos stops watching Jeremy Kyle for long enough to swear revenge on his father and, after stopping at John Menzies for some Rizla and a fruit winder, leaves for Olympus and revenge.
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