God Of War 3 - PS3 £32.99 Free Recorded Delivery @ Jack Of All Games
God Of War 3 - PS3 £32.99 Free Recorded Delivery @ Jack Of All Games

God Of War 3 - PS3 £32.99 Free Recorded Delivery @ Jack Of All Games

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Think this is the the cheapest pre-order upto yet, go easy on me, ha ha.

God of War III finds Kratos raining carnage and destruction upon the Gods who have betrayed him and the entire Ancient Greek world. Armed with his deadly double-chained blades, Kratos will take on mythologys darkest creatures while solving intricate puzzles on his merciless quest to destroy Olympus and the mighty Zeus himself.

Witness the power of PLAYSTATION 3 as Kratos ferociously carves through the massive army of Olympus - its Centaur Generals commanding wave after wave of merciless undead soldiers.
The epic scale of God of War III reaches heights unseen in the franchise - not only must Kratos ascend the summit of Mount Olympus to reach his revenge, but he must do it while navigating on the back of a titan who could crush the Statue of Liberty in the palm of it's hand.
The creatures of Greek legend are no longer just a way for Kratos to express his violent temper - Kratos can ride them, twisting their pain into a blind rage, using them to cross chasms, reveal secrets, and destroy anything and everything that stands in his way.
As Kratos continues on his path of revenge he will uncover new deadly weapons like the Cestus, powerful metal gauntlets with devastating strength, and other brutal instruments of war that will allow him to learn ruthless new techniques such as grappling with enemies and launching explosive wall to ground attacks.


never heard of these guys, anyone got feedback? they seem cheap though.

Seem to be an EBAY seller- user joaguk (looks like I can't post direct URLS to that site)

Loads of positive reviews on Ebay, not sure if that means anything though :thinking:

Cheapest I've seen so far as well, but think I'll wait until nearer release and hope Shopto or some other site price aggressively

Was reading a topic on the AVFORUMS the other day about Jack of All Games. Apparently there crap and customer service is really bad. No telephone number all done threw e-mail. They hardly answer any e-mails and the guy who posted the topic order his game early December and never turned up until early January.

They've have sold out too.

The latest releases have been quite pricey, a worrying trend.


I placed the pre-order on March 2nd. Accepted, and confirmed.

Release date comes, goes, as does another. No updated on my order.

I phone them this morning to see if the order's been despatced.

West country accented lady answers their "Sales Hotline" and tells me that any queries around orders, tracking, complaints etc have to go through their website. I mean WTF is she there for?? I used contact us.... "please allow 24 hours for a repsonse".

I phoned back and demanded to speak to someone about it. She put me on hold, then came back to effectively say "I've not got any contact numbers for anyone". And that she'd send an email to someone.

Too angered to continue the conversation, I hung up. And sent 15 mails to their contact us website to get their attention.

I get an email 2 hours later I get an email to say this:

"I checked the order which is for GOD OF WAR 3 ,

I have been told an update was due to go out regarding a shortage from
sony on this game we only have gad small amount allcated from our supplier
and we have quite few pre-orders for this item and yours can be fullfilled
on this round , we have the next batch due in W/C 22nd .

Do you wish to keep your order or would like to cancel it ."

I'm not convinced they actually meant to say mine can be fulfilled. But steer as far clear of these guys as possible!
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