GOD OF WAR 3, Remastered PS4 £24.75 @ TGC

GOD OF WAR 3, Remastered PS4 £24.75 @ TGC

Found 15th Jul 2015
Not seen a better price and if you have any points to use you could knock it down more
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Great deal, used some points £22 boom!
best last gen game after the last of us
Not voting as I think its a rip off. It isnt remastered or anything, just upped the res/framerate a little. Game still looks 90% the same, and seeing as you can buy the game on PS3 for about £3 this price is just greedy and I dont think anyone should support devs like this.
Point taken, but I personally don't have a ps3, nor have I ever owned a Play Station. I'm ditching MS for Sony this time and like lots of other people, I've never played God of War 3, or the last of us etc. these reissues are aimed squarely at new converts as opposed to people who had them on ps3. having said that, there are also people out there who enjoyed the game on ps3 and might want to get it again on ps4 for different reasons. It isn't just laziness here, there is a business strategy going on behind the curtain..
They came out and said before that the main reason they did a God of War 3 remaster is to get people interested on the series who haven't had a chance to play the games, before releasing a full next gen title. There's loads of people, like me, who have moved from Xbox 360 to PS4.
Games like this should offer a small fee to upgrade for people who already have the PS3 version by checking the trophies or asking for the IBN code is something. One too many games being remastered to soon and selling again for stupid prices.
Did you not read the comments above? As has been stated, these remasters are aimed at new converts to Play Station. Where does this sense of entitlement come from? You're complaining because you bought it and played it on ps3 previously - that's fine - no-one is making you buy it again on ps4. The developers don't owe you a living. I, on the other hand, am very pleased about remastered games from last gen, as I don't want a ps3 but have wanted to play certain last gen games. I will now be able to do this on ps4. We know that Sony will not be doing backwards compatibility, so if you already have the game on ps3, then there's really no issue here as far as tie concerned, unless of course you've sold your copy...
*you're*, not *tie*.

I hate auto-correct...
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