God of War Collection £39 @ Grainger Games

God of War Collection £39 @ Grainger Games

Found 22nd Dec 2009
Went to Granger Games in Newcastle the other day, but I think it should be alvaible in other Grainger Games stores in the North East. If your aftering The God of War Collection (PS3), you can get it for £39 but I'm not sure if you can get it online

I'm only posting this because I heard that a few people are trying to import the American version of The God of War Collection.


I guess they are selling the american version. Either that or they have the UK version way before its released - and before it's even confirmed!

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It was the American version, there still hasn't been a UK date for it.

Its the usa version
I saw it yesterday
They have stuck 18 rated stickers over the usa ratings - but you can still see its a usa game.

Still, you do get to play it now

It may be best to just order from somewhere like dvdboxoffice.com/gme…euk - £26 + postage ... you may even get lucky and avoid customs charges

I'm hoping that they do a collectors edition when GoW 3 is released with all 3 games in 1 package

We ship every United Kingdom destined order from within the European … We ship every United Kingdom destined order from within the European Union. There are no additional customs or VAT expenses when ordering from our site.


are these ps2 versions orare these game enhanced for PS3?

Personally i would get the God of War III Ultimate Trilogy Edition when it's released in March & get all 3 games.


Saw this in Middlesbrough too.

They import some games from america.

I got Jeanne D'Arc (PSP) from them and that's only been released in America.
They also had ghostbusters for the 360 early too
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