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Posted 4 January 2023

God of War PS4 & PS5 £7.99 @ Playstation Store

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Cracking price for Incredible game. Backward compatible with PS5.

Living as a man outside the shadow of the gods, Kratos must adapt to unfamiliar lands, unexpected threats and a second chance at being a father. Together with his son Atreus, the pair will venture into the brutal realm of Midgard and fight to fulfill a deeply personal quest.
• Journey to a dark, elemental world of fearsome creatures – straight from the pages of Norse mythology.
• Conquer your foes in vicious close-quarters combat that rewards tactical thinking and lethal precision.• Discover an emotionally gripping tale of father and son, as Kratos is made to control the rage that has long defined him

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    If you have ps5 it is free if you’ve got ps plus
    So not technically free then . Included would be the word to use (edited)
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    Expiry date needs amending @AnkerMan heat btw
    Done. Cheers Bud
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    Palyed this for the first time over Xmas, completed last night - amazing game!
    GOW Ragnarok is even better! I know it's still expensive, but it was worth every penny!
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    In Russia is this called "God of a Special Military Operation" instead ?
    In Russia the Pokémon catch you…
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    Dirt cheap considering it’s only a couple months old? Already in bargain bins, what a flop.
    Oh come on guys. They're obviously joking. And you totally fell for it.
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    Just a heads up, there is only a PS4 version of this. It has a PS5 patch, but no native PS5 version exists, in case people were expecting 2 versions of the game.
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    Both of the newer ones are great. I probably did prefer this one though, as there was more puzzle and exploration. I liked having to climb up big mountains and go into dungeon depths, which you don't really do in the second as much. And I found I spend more time in the second one having to walk about to get to places as fewer gates around, but that is my only criticism. I did also think the twist was very obvious too.
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    I’m pretty sure this is the reason I address boy as boy.
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    Thanks to BubaMan
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    I too think this is superior to ragnorök, by a good margin. It seemed much better paced and more varied. (edited)
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    I wish it was this cheap on steam
    £19 on CDKeys a fair price I'd say
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    I got this at checkout 49222320-WQLyM.jpg

    Tryd mobile app amd browser before purchase. gonna try direct on console (edited)
    Is that during checkout or after attempting to make purchase? If prior, try clearing cookies and attempting again. Perhaps a different browser or via mobile might help...
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    Completed this over the Christmas holidays.. decent game, graphics are stunning considering it was a PS4 release originally. Combat and exploration feels limited after playing Elden Ring. Getting over that and just focussing on the main story line it's a great experience!
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    Can't purchase - says 'Something went wrong'
    Someone elsed mentioned this and was hoping they would let us know if it got fixed. Seems some people are having this issue. Might be any number of things from needing to clear cookies, trying different device or browser to large network traffic on Sonys site. No rush as deal is valid until 18th JAN. Try again bit later and please let me know if it gets sorted...
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    Spot on price for the greatest game ever released
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