Posted 16 January 2023

God Of War Ragnarok PS5 Preowned - £49.99 + £4.99 delivery @ Game

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Those Who Break Fate
Atreus hungers for knowledge to help him understand the prophecy of “Loki” and the role he is to play in Ragnarök. Kratos must decide whether he will be chained by the fear of repeating his mistakes or break free of his past to be the father Atreus needs.

Weapons of War
The Leviathan Axe, Blades of Chaos, and Guardian Shield return alongside a host of new abilities for both Kratos and Atreus. As they take on foes throughout the Nine Realms, Kratos’ deadly skills will be tested like never before as he fights to protect his family.

Explore the Realms
Journey to dangerous and stunning landscapes while facing a wide variety of enemy creatures, monsters, and Norse gods as Kratos and Atreus search for answers and allies.

Venture through all Nine Realms towards the prophesied battle that will end the world.
Vanquish Norse gods and monsters alike in fluid, expressive combat

Feel your journey through the Norse realms, made possible by immersive haptic feedback and adaptive trigger functionality.
Take advantage of multidirectional 3D Audio; hear enemies approaching from any direction.¹
Bask in the beautiful worlds you travel through, brought to life by precise art direction and arresting attention to detail.
Switch between full 4K resolution at a targeted 30 frames per second, or dynamic resolution upscaled to 4K at a targeted 60fps.²
¹3D audio with stereo headphones (analog or USB)
² 4K resolution requires a compatible 4K TV or display.
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    The fact that GAME has remained adamant with their £5 shipping is insane or the fact they don't even attempt to compete with other online retailers. Absolutely wonder how GAME has managed to clutch on to it's self made cliff-edge with their pinky finger at this point
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    isn't this free (download code) with PS5? mine had a leaflet/code in the package.
    Not free, part of the console bundle that you pay more for because it includes the game.
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    Forgot about postage....how do I delete deals
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    Thats a few days food for my grandchildren so will pass this one by for that price
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    Cold. Can basically get it first hand for that price.
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    £55 for 2nd hand? Doesn't seem like a good deal to me.
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    They'll probably have the cheek and offer you £18 trade in once you're done with it
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    Or under £53 brand new...

    Is that not just a code for a digital copy?
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    £30/£35 ebay
    I doubt £30 as CEX will give £25
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    This game is worth £50+ as it is that epic.
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