Godfather Trilogy [Remastered] [5 DVD's] - £13.99 - @ Zavvi.co.uk

Godfather Trilogy [Remastered] [5 DVD's] - £13.99 - @ Zavvi.co.uk

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Actors: Marlon Brando, Richard Conte, Robert De Niro, John Cazale, Al Pacino
Format: Box set, PAL, Colour, Dolby
Language English, Italian
Region: Region 2
Number of discs: 5
Classification: 18
Studio: Paramount Home Entertainment
DVD Release Date: 2 Jun 2008
Run Time: 549 minutes

Synopsis: See this famously dark, staggeringly beautiful trilogy of films presented by the filmmaker as originally envisioned for the cinema.

Five discs including all three films and over 4 hours of supplemental materials:
-The Godfather.
-The Godfather: Part 2.
-The Godfather: Part 3.

A true cultural phenomenon. The Godfather Trilogy is the benchmark for all cinematic storytelling. Francis Ford Coppola's masterful adaptation of Mario Puzo's novel chronicles the rise and fall of the Corleone family in this celebrated epic. Collectively nominated for a staggering twenty-eight Academy Awards, the films are the winner of nine, including two for Best Picture for the Godfather and The Godfather: Part 2.

An enduring cinematic legacy...with all-new DVD supplements! Explore the phenomenal impact the Godfather films had on our culture, on other filmakers, on the cinema, and - over 35 years later - the enduring legacy and influence Coppola's Godfather trilogy has generated, as the films are lovingly quoted and mercilessly parodied in contemporary media. Hear the unlikely tale of the masterpiece that almost never happened! Enjoy the fascinating, meticulous restoration of The Godfather and The Godfather: Part 2.

DVD Description

The Godfather Trilogy - The Coppola Restoration

The Godfather and The Godfather Part II fully restored including 5.1 stereo for the first time, with direct involvement from Francis Ford Coppola
5 discs box set, including 2 special features discs

New Special Features:
Godfather World
The Masterpiece That Almost Wasn't
When The Shooting Stopped
Emulsional Rescue - Revealing The Godfather
The Godfather on the Red Carpet
Four Short Films on The Godfather: GF Vs. GF Part II; Cannoli; Riffing on the Riffing; Clemenza
Hidden Easter Egg: Cosa Nostra & Coppola

Previously Available Special Features (also included)
Directors Commentary for all 3 films
Behind the Scenes
Additional Scenes Chronology
The Family Tree
Photo Galleries
Theatrical Trailers
Acclaim and Response
Filmmaker Biographies


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amazing more like, this is the ultimate collection which i paid for nearly £18 and i dont regret it at all.

Two masterpieces one average film bargain price voted hot

Its an offer you can't refuse.

Voted hot.

How does this differ compared to the original trilogy please?


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How does this differ compared to the original trilogy please?Thanks!


this is the digitally remastered version so the picture quality is excellent compared to the original dark, grainy looking trilogy, audio is superb too....i got my steelbook addition from amazon and it's freakin beautiful.

Cheers, just ordered, got to flog my previous trilogy boxset!


Cheers, just ordered, got to flog my previous trilogy boxset!

Well I was tempted when in Zavvi today (£15 in store) but then I remembered that the BlueRay disc should be coming out soon (not sure but I think its out in USA, or soon to be). So maybe this fella whom I have quoted may be selling this one on shortly too:whistling:


Two masterpieces one average film bargain price voted hot

average? without godfather 3 the story wouldnt make sense, are you telling me when micheal see his daughter get shot and he starts to cry, that isnt powerful? no way, godfather 3 was good as well.

3rd was good...that lame idiotic daughter of his ruined it for me...garcia's performance was great pacino wasn't as good as 1 & 2 overall i'll give it 7.9/10
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