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Gods of Gravity - Free at Meta/Oculus

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Just noticed Gods of Gravity come up as a freebie on the Meta store. Don't actually have a Quest but amassing a library of games for when I do. Ratings and reviews seem good - Hope it's useful for someone.

Gods of Gravity is a social, arcade-style RTS game where you compete in an epic showdown of celestial gods. Scoop up ships and fling them to capture a nearby planet, or open wormholes to teleport them across the solar system. Hold planets and moons to boost your production. Mine asteroids for the powerful resources within. And if you dare, capture the sun for the ultimate buff. Then send a massive fleet to conquer your enemy’s home planet. Last god standing wins.

2 to 8 Player Multiplayer:
● Eliminate your opponents to take control of the solar system
● Command your own fleet or team up with friends against bots
● Socialize with built-in, spatial voice chat

Single Player Campaign:
● Take over the galaxy, one solar system at a time
● Unlock new Gods with game-changing powersRanked:
● Fight your way to the top of the ranked leaderboard
● Compete in livestreamed tournamentsChallenges:
● Earn cosmetic rewards
● Customize your God’s title and crown
Meta / Oculus More details at Meta / Oculus
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    Great game so far, I've played a few hours and ended up buying it.
    yeah, i saw from some of the reviews that it wasn't always free.

    Any advice on what the IAPs are?
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    There are some IAPs (In App Purchases), but from what I can tell it's for creating your own maps.

    I got the game this morning when I updated the spreadsheet (and noticed it was free), was going to check what the IAPs were later.

    Heat added
    Which spreadsheet?