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P.C Dead Cells  £4.85  - GOG VPN Russia - I expect this to go cold :-) But can you find it cheaper...erm NO !
Found 8th AugFound 8th Aug
Dead Cells £4.85 - GOG VPN Russia - I expect this to go cold :-) BUT I wonder if anyone else can find it cheaper .... erm no ! So let the chill begin. But hey ! thats life :-)… Read more
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PS you have explained nothing , you have voiced your opinion that quite frankly is invalid, but yes please prove me wrong factually.


But GoG say it is uncool , not a act of fraud, so how is it a fraudulent action, no fraud as taken place ! Please Google for me something based on GoG's terms and conditions that state an act of fraud has taken place by using a VPN to purchase software through their store. If you have a valid point to make, then it needs validating, other wise your point is not a point....basically you are making no point at all, therefore it is pointless.


I already explained it the first time you asked so if you're still having trouble grasping the concept try google for further reading.


read my posts, you said it was a act of fraud....well tell me how is it a act of fraud , GOG say it aint cool, the cost of the product is under £15 which would make a it a tax free import. So basically , why is it fraud ? unless been uncool is a fraudulent action. So yeah go chat to your dog for a while.....


So you're basically saying you have no idea what the point you're making is. I may as well have a conversation with my dog at least he can grasp basic ethics.

Alone in the Dark: The Trilogy 1+2+3 PC Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft horror old-school games £2.18 GOG
Found 25th JulFound 25th Jul
About: A suspicious suicide. A chilling curse. A malevolent power. Finally, a wicked dark secret. This is Derceto, a legendary Louisiana mansion where, against your better judgment… Read more

Also, worth noting it's £1.09 for the Trilogy, £2.18 for 1+2+3+A New Nightmare


Great game, viewpoint change annoyance only added to the creepyness


I got stuck on the ship in AITD2 and had to call a gaming helpline to get the answer.....it didn't work, and have never completed it since :'( Perhaps this is a sign.....


No - it's GOG; no DRM. I remember buying the first one when it came out in 1992. Obviously it's dated a bit but it's great to be able to play it again on Windows 10.


I still have the CD version of this from back in the day for Dos.

Gog.com - Noclip & Classic Gaming Sale (Cannon Fodder 1 & 2 / Sensible World of Soccer - 89p each / Theme Park & Theme Hospital - £1.09 each and more...)
Found 23rd JulFound 23rd Jul
Gog.com have currently got a pretty tasty sale on some classic gaming. As mentioned in the title the usual suspects have hit the sale, and there's also a few more in there :) … Read more
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Yes with emulation.


Is there any way of getting some of these classics working well on an android phone?


My childhood just came rushing back to me. Miss my Amiga <3


Does anyone know if I can add the cdkey/game from here in my steam library afterwards?


there was one level on the amiga version of Cannon Fodder 1 I just couldn't get past. The Atlantic Accelartor level on syndicate was the last level I could do either bah!

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Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - £8.91 @ GOG (Russia)
Found 14th JulFound 14th Jul
Using a Russian VPN (Hola works fine), choose a Russian VPN server. I use Chrome for easy translation and go to Incognito mode to make sure no cookies are being read. Just buy as … Read more

Not my kinda game but still heat from me anything beneficial for games amd gamers gets heat (excited)


Installed ok, will play in abit


thanks op


Nice, going go to buy the deluxe version . Have some heat for the effort :D


Nope - new release stand alone game. Getting some really good reviews:

Warhammer Series at Gog 75% off for 3 Days only - Prices start at £1.09 @ GOG
Found 13th JulFound 13th Jul
Up to 75% off Warhammer series for the next 3 days. Some classic strategy gaming playable on modern systems!

Final Liberation for £1.09!!! Scorchio (highfive)


Shadow of the horned rat! Amazing!


Exactly, with GOG youre getting a game your grandchildrens will be able to play, whereas on Steam you getting a game you can only play until Steam winds their servers up or changes their business model.


At least with Gog the games are DRM free.


Don't know if it's cheaper or not, but those interested in Armageddon might be better served with the fanatical bundle: https://www.fanatical.com/en/bundle/warhammer-40000-armageddon-bundle

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Pathologic Classic HD at Gog for £1.49
Found 4th JulFound 4th Jul
Pathologic Classic HD is the Definitive Edition of the original Cult Classic Psychological First-Person Survival game 85% Off! Play it if you like Planescape Torment. This is the r… Read more

Not to worry keep a lookout for regular sales on at Gog it'll be down again in price before you know it! :D


That's a shame, its showing as £9.99 now.


Heat added.

GOG: 20 (Updated from 11 to 20) FREE Classic Games You Can Download Right Now - Continuously free..
Found 2nd JulFound 2nd Jul
You will need a GOG account first to proceed with this deal.. I believe these may have been Free for sometime, as GOG do release old games for Free, now and then. But for those th… Read more
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Some of these are amazing games ;) There is something for everyone here... Thanks for sharing!


BASS is a classic point and click adventure. Worth grabbing that.


Oh the (old) memories..


AAAHH I loved lure of the temptress!


BASS is amazing. I replay this from time to time. I remember it being on about 15 floppy's on my Amiga when I was a kid. I even have a version on iOS :)

Frostpunk on PC - £6.98 @ GOG
Found 1st JulFound 1st Jul
Using a VPN (Hola works fine), change your region to Russia. I find it helps to open up in incognito mode to ensure no cookies are loaded. Price is 599 Russian Ruble which conver… Read more

Now 869 Rubles on GOG, am I doing something wrong or has the price just gone back up? Realise I'm a few days late on this so understandable if the latter.


Worked fine for me no pay


Unless I'm missing something, it doesn't allow Russia until you pay for it?


Hola I have used


The search on hukd does not include search description ;)

Metal Fatigue at Gog for £4.29
Found 21st JunFound 21st Jun
Generally unique & fluid RTS slightly different to Starcraft & Command & Conquer you can build and customise your units to a degree

OOOoooooo. Sold!!! :o


Bravura It should work on modern PCs the game details provided by Gog state "works on Windows 7,8 & 10" there is also another old RTS available at Gog, Fallen Haven; https://www.gog.com/game/fallen_haven


I wonder if the game is modernised/patched for current PCs. It struggles to run on Windows 7 and on. I'll go research it when I get home, but thanks for bringing this to my attention. It's a great game. You get your usual tanks/planes and stuff, but they're just small fish. The main draw of the game is the robots (Combots). Each bot comprises of feet, torso, Left and Right arm. Each of the 3 available companies has parts unique to them, but during story/multiplayer it's possible to hack some off, equip them to your own bots, or, drag it back to base, research and build your own. It's incredibly fun and customisable. The other draw is that the battle not only takes place on ground, but air and underground, meaning there's 3 maps to look after. Combots can't enter underground either, and naturally land units can't do much in the air. And finally, some maps have alien combots which are far far superior than any of the 3 company's parts. It's a shame the game was never that popular. A remaster/remake etc would be wonderful as the combots look quite cool.

Constructor Classic 1997 FREE on Gog.com (PC / Mac / Linux)
Found 20th JunFound 20th Jun
Free again! link should take you to offer and auto apply, if not use code ZVSYRAFB Constructor: It’s your city…DEAL WITH IT! Constructor is an exciting game of strategic action … Read more
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Code expired


code expired


Perhaps someone forgot to follow the directions and failed to click "Cancel" after activating the code. So I wrote a quick e-mail to see if this is what is causing the code to fail. If it was someone who can't follow simple instructions GOG should have it fixed sometime soon... If not that, the code has genuinely expired... RIP


Also getting the code expired message :(


Looks like it's been expired now :/

Monkey Island 4 game complete collection - £15.00 - GOG.com (possibly £11.66)
Found 20th JunFound 20th Jun
To celebrate Escape from Monkey Island being added to GOG.com, they are selling all four games in a complete bundle for £15.00. Seems fair to me. They are also selling fine leathe… Read more
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I won't be happy unless these come with the Cardboard wheel to log in!! (lol)


These games are not only fun but they give you a real sense of achievement when you finally work out what to do. I remember spending probably 2 weeks stuck on one bit and I actually had a dream where I figured out what to do! No joke! The feeling of satisfaction when you work it out is like nothing else and what makes these games so quality. Please never google it!


the special editions of 1 and 2 have a pretty good built in hint system. you should be fine and they are fantastic games. If you have never played and you are not sure you could just get 1&2 they are the best anyway


These were some of the best games I played growing up. Not too difficult and theres always walk through guides online if needed. Most things are common sense though ,i.e USE cup on GROGG (pirate beer)... and some other areas not so much. Really worth playing 1/2. Tbh these are all very enjoyable and very funny. Good price too!


I've always heard these games are very tough and can quite often end up in a lot of guessworking or exploring old areas lots to check you didn't miss something. Are they actually fun? I'm interested but my only actual experience was witnessing my girlfriend play whatever Monkey Island game was free on Games with Gold for a few hours and routinely getting stuck and having to google what to do.

Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak 75% off @GOG.com - £7.49
Found 12th JunFound 12th Jun
Cheapest ever price (previous cheapest was £8.99 on Steam/Humble). Prequel to the highly-regarded Homeworld games. Got 79 on Metacritic http://www.metacritic.com/game/pc/homeworl… Read more
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I wouldn't say the story was as good as Homeworld but it was very decent, this game is well worth this price and really is a very good RTS game. I'm still hoping for the next one.


Nah I don't think so. 'Works on: Windows (7, 8, 10)'


Is this compatible for mac?


Really enjoyed this game - the two Homeworld games are classics but this was a very worthy follow up.

The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings - Enhanced Edition £2.19 GOG.com
Found 12th JunFound 12th Jun
Heard it's good. Gotta be worth a punt at this price?!
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linux version - heat added. also on sale in steam ( £2.24) but gog is a wee bit cheaper.


I've never seen GOTY edition - I don't think it exists.


Is this considered a DLC? I was looking for a "GOTY" edition for The Witcher 2 but am unsure as to what's, what.

Rime + Sunless Sea codes with £14.19 purchase @GoG Summer Sale
Found 11th JunFound 11th Jun
Unlock 2 games @ GoG if you spend £14.19 Rime and Sunless Sea There's a summer sale going on, so if you want to purchase anything, you may as well claim these codes on the m… Read more
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Or that :)


Or you can pick a VPN with Russian access, buy Senua and The Witcher 3 for less than 14 quid and get both free games on the way.


you won't regret it (if you play xcom)


Hey, thanks for the recommendations! I played Tron a long time ago. I may try out X-Com..always wanted to.


I picked up Way of the Samurai 4, which is at its lowest yet for 4.49. Fun game, though rather mind-meltingly grindy (y) Some titles I'd somehow not noticed were there before and I'd recommend - Tron 2.0 (£1.79) - a cool FPS/RPG by Monolith (who made Fear, particularly), the original X-Com/UFO games (loved Apocalypse especially), Freedom Force. Finally bagged Ultima Underworld too. They're all just a quid or two to pop you over the top of that threshold!

[PC/Mac/Linux] Ziggurat - Free - Gog.com
Found 11th JunFound 11th Jun
Another freebie from Gog.com :) Dungeon-Crawling First Person Shooting at its finest! Fast-paced combat! Dozens of perks, spells and enemies! Level ups! Random Dungeons! Trap… Read more
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Reviews (a little too challenging for me if I remember correctly, but maybe I just need to play on easy!) Ziggurat Metacritic: 75% (5 critics, 7.8 from 50 users), Steam: Very Positive 88% (2253 reviews) Totalbiscuit likes it: "really well fleshed-out": WTF Is... - Ziggurat ?


really good game, definitelly worth playing




Thanks Buzz..

[GOG] Theme Hospital £0.69 /  Sim City 2000 Special Edition £0.69 / Theme Park £1.09 [Windows+Mac]
Found 7th JunFound 7th Jun
Part of Summer Gaming Sale Sim City 2000 for £0.69 Theme Park for £1.09

"RCT Classic is essentially a slightly-remastered version of the original two RCT games. The game was developed by Origin8 (with Chris Sawyer listed as the Executive Producer), who also ported Chris Sawyer’s Transport Tycoon to mobile." "RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic does have in-app purchases, but only three of them - and are in no way required to play the game. The first two DLC consist of two expansion packs from RCT 2, and the third is simply called 'Toolkit.'"


Such a good game. Used to spend so much time building a massive staff room with pool tables (lol)


I’m fed up with announcing, I want to go home. Patients please keep your germs to yourself. Could people please try not to be sick in the corridors. Please don’t feed the vermin, thank you.


Need Theme Park World not the original Theme Park as graphics are awful.


That screenshot looks just like the nhs (lol)

GOG  Summer Sale 2018
Found 4th JunFound 4th Jun
Game Deals for June 4 Summer Sale 2018 1000+ Deals up to -90% Ends on June 18 Today's highlights: Tyranny - Commander Edition 66% off - £11.89 Pillars of Eternity: Hero E… Read more

Is this Steam only. Can't see it on gog Bought it on Steam and not played yet but can't


Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition? is currently £2.99 on Steam for those that use both.


Carmageddon: Max Damage for £2.69 is also a good deal


I bought 5 games via Russian VPN spent a total of £11.29 and I was sent 2 free games, Rime (excellent game) and Sunless sea! :) Made a mega saving via Russian... Total Icing on the cake with the 2 free games


Don't forget to check prices using a Russian VPN ... best on Chrome in Incognito mode (Can easily translate text in Chrome and Incognito means no cookies are used). Cheers

[PC/Mac/Linux] Xenonauts - Free - Gog.com (Summer Sale Recommendations / 14 new Gog Connect titles)
Refreshed 5th JunRefreshed 5th Jun
New freebie available on Gog.com :) Sale bonuses are ' Spend £3.59 or more to get Sunless Sea for free! and 'Spend £14.19 or more to get RIME for free!' Today's highlig… Read more
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For those who enjoyed Xenonauts, its sequel has just reached fully funded status on Kickstarter in less than a day. :D https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/69341191/xenonauts-2-strategic-planetary-defence-simulator/


6 pounds for hellblade and free sunless sea. Good deal bro.


Is the featured/xcom like game old enough to run on an X220 maybe?


Such a good deal


Hellblade is excellent by the way, and well worth the price.