Gog.com: Up to 40% off most of their catalogue until Jan 3rd 2010! ** PC games **
Gog.com: Up to 40% off most of their catalogue until Jan 3rd 2010! ** PC games **

Gog.com: Up to 40% off most of their catalogue until Jan 3rd 2010! ** PC games **

See the first reply for all games included in the offer.


"We told you we have some really great things planned for the upcoming holiday season. It's time to launch the GOG.com Holiday Sale!

The biggest sale on GOG.com ever! You've been gathering GOGs on your personal wishlist, waiting for a better offer? Now is the perfect opportunity to grab those games and clear your gaming backlog in advance of 2010, when we'll have lots of amazing announcements. 171 games - the whole GOG.com catalogue excluding the December releases - discounted from 25% up to 40%! The promotion ends on January 3, so you'll have some time to take advantage of this enormous deal."


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Excellent. Hot. Can anyone be bothered to find out how much all of them totalled up would cost?!

Looking at that list thats about 3 years of my life right there. :roll:
Good games to be had there.

This looks well dodgy

GOG Limited
2, Chr. Sozos street, Eiffel Tower
3rd Floor, Office 301
Nicosia, 1096

Registrar Name....: DomainRegistry.com
Registrar Whois...: nswhois.DomainRegistry.com
Registrar Homepage: domainregistry.com

Domain Name: GOG.COM

Created on..............: 1999-01-07
Expires on..............: 2017-01-06
Record last updated on..: 2008-07-13

Administrative contact, Billing_contact, Technical contact, Zone contact:
Adam Oldakowski
GOG Limited
2, Chr. Sozos street, Eiffel Tower
3rd Floor, Office 301
Nicosia, 1096
Phone: +48225196900
Email: ][img]http//so…MG]

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Gog.com is far from dodgy, despite the iffy looking WHOIS domain information.

They have been around a long time and it isn't as big as other digital distribution platforms like Steam because they are aiming at a different segment of the PC gaming market. As such, it's understandable the more people haven't heard of it. However, they still have a great following and this shows through their reasonably busy forums, in particular this General one...


I personally have purchased many games from them, and I'm sure there are more Gog users out there that will chime in and give them thumbs up :thumbsup:

We can always rely on choc1969 for giving us pause for virtual thought. Thanks! If it's the genuine publisher of those games, then this isn't dodgy. Tempting too.

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A few others HUKD users that have also previously purchased from Gog can be seen here...


I've bought from them with no problem. I'm not sure about a 'long time' but they've certainly been going for a year or two now.

Can anyone recommend any games that stand up well to a first play today?

@EndlessWaves: I don't think it's on the list, but get Sanitarium* off their site if you like Adventure games (and I mean old-school point'n'click adventures here).

For the record, GOG's been around just over a year and I've been with them since the beta. Their service is great, with a good-looking, very usable site. The games they sell don't come with any DRM whatsoever, they usually include extras ranging from manuals and wallpapers all the way through to full soundtracks, and all their prices included VAT and are usually the cheapest way to get many of these games.

P.S. Recommendations off that list (and I'm keeping this to an absolute minimum here):
Freespace 2
Beyond Good and Evil
Evil Genius
Sacred Gold
Simon the Sorceror 2
Hostile Waters
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
Broken Sword 2
The Longest Journey
Imperial Glory (almost forgot that one - better trade/diplomacy options than a Total War game)

*Just had another look and it is there!

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That's a good list you got there drdark, especially with Beyond Good and Evil
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