Goin' Mad Blues (10-CD Box) RRP: £20.29 Now £9.45 Delivered From Zavvi

Goin' Mad Blues (10-CD Box) RRP: £20.29 Now £9.45 Delivered From Zavvi

Found 29th Aug 2010
Some much Blues you won't wake up in the morning !!!!
Goin' Mad Blues (10-CD Set) Less than a £1 a Disc

1. T-Bone Walker: I Got a Break Baby
2. Jimmy Yancey: Rolling the Stone
3. John Lee Hooker: Helpless Blues
4. Big Joe Williams: Meet Me Around the Corner
5. Blind Boy Fuller/Sonny Terry: Mistreater, You're Going to Be Sorry
6. Robert Johnson: Love in Vain
7. Blind John Davis: My Own Boogie
8. Blind Willie McTell: It's Your Time to Worry
9. Lightnin' Hopkins: Let Me Play With Your Poodle
10. Memphis Slim: Diggin' My Potatoes No. 2
11. Big Bill Broonzy: Friendless Blues
12. Bessie Smith: Nobody in Town Can Bake a Sweet Jelly Roll Like Mine
13. Big Joe Turner: Doggin' the Blues
14. Sleepy John Estes: Everybody Oughta Make a Change
15. Ma Rainey: Shave 'Em Dry Blues
16. Bukka White: Special Streamline
17. Arthur Big Boy Crudup: Rock Me Mamma
18. Brownie McGhee: Not Guilty Blues
19. Hot Lips Page: Rockin' At Ryans
20. Leadbelly: My Baby Quit Me
Disc #2
1. Big Joe Turner: I Got My Discharge Papers
2. Brownie McGhee: Coal Miner Blues
3. Memphis Slim: Beer Drinking Woman
4. Leadbelly: Easy Rider
5. Ma Rainey: Rough and Tumble Blues
6. Kokomo Arnold: Set Down Gal
7. Hot Lips Page: My Fightin' Gal
8. Arthur Big Boy Crudup: My Mamma Don't Allow Me
9. Sleepy John Estes: Easin' Back to Tennessee
10. Bessie Smith: Yodeling Blues
11. T-Bone Walker: T-Bone Blues
12. Big Bill Broonzy: Too Too Train Blues
13. Lightnin' Hopkins: Fast Mail Rambler
14. Blind Willie McTell: Warm it Up to Me
15. Jimmy Yancey: Steady Rock Blues
16. Robert Johnson: Honeymoon Blues
17. Blind Boy Fuller/Sonny Terry: Stop Jivin' Me Mama
18. Blind John Davis: After Hours
19. Big Joe Williams: Stepfather Blues
20. John Lee Hooker: Goin' Mad Blues
Disc #3
1. Blind John Davis: St. Louis Blues
2. Blind Boy Fuller/Sonny Terry: Pistol Slapper Blues
3. Lightnin' Hopkins: Woman Woman
4. Big Bill Broonzy: Big Billie Blues
5. Jimmy Yancey: P.L.K. Special
6. Bessie Smith: Bleeding Hearted Blues
7. Robert Johnson: Little Queen of Spades
8. Arthur Big Boy Crudup: Cool Disposition
9. Bukka White: Black Train Blues
10. Big Joe Turner: Watch That Jive
11. Kokomo Arnold: Big Ship Blues
12. Big Joe Williams: Stack O' Dollars
13. John Lee Sonny Boy Williamson: My Black Name Blues
14. Ma Rainey: Goodbye Daddy Blues
15. Skip James: Devil Got My Woman
16. T-Bone Walker: Mean Old World
17. Sleepy John Estes: Clean Up At Home
18. Brownie McGhee: Step it Up and Go No. 2
19. Leadbelly: Four Day Worry Blues
20. Blind Willie McTell: You Was Born to Die
Disc #4
1. Hot Lips Page: Pagin' Mr. Page
2. Robert Johnson: Preaching Blues
3. Leadbelly: I'm Sorry Mama
4. Blind Boy Fuller: Money Spending Woman
5. John Lee Sonny Boy Williamson: Good Gravy
6. Ma Rainey: Louisiana Hoo Doo Blues
7. Lonnie Johnson: Life Saver Blues
8. Blind Willie McTell: Don't You See How This World Made a Change
9. Blind Boy Fuller/Sonny Terry: Blues and Worried Man
10. Kokomo Arnold: Crying Blues
11. Blind John Davis: Memphis Blues
12. Arthur Big Boy Crudup: Keep Your Arms Around Me
13. Sleepy John Estes: Special Agent
14. Bessie Smith: Mama's Got the Blues
15. Big Bill Broonzy: Horny Frog
16. Lightnin' Hopkins: You're Not Going to Worry My Life Anymore
17. Big Joe Williams: I Won't Be in Hard Luck No More
18. Big Joe Turner: Goin' to Chicago Blues
19. Jimmy Yancey: South Side Stuff
20. Memphis Slim: Empty Room Blues
Disc #5
1. Big Joe Williams: Highway 49
2. Big Joe Turner: Howlin' Winds
3. T-Bone Walker: Come Back to Me Baby
4. Blind Willie McTell: It's a Good Little Thing
5. Lightnin' Hopkins: Can't Get That Woman Off My Mind
6. Big Bill Broonzy: W.P.A. Rag
7. Bessie Smith: Tain't Nobody's Bizness If I Do
8. Arthur Big Boy Crudup: That's Your Red Wagon
9. Bukka White: Parchman Farm Blues
10. Ma Rainey: Booze and Blues
11. Kokomo Arnold: Grandpa Got Drunk
12. Sleepy John Estes: Drop Down (I Don't Feel Welcome Here)
13. Memphis Slim: Caught the Old **** At Last
14. John Lee Sonny Boy Williamson: Good Gal Blues
15. Blind Boy Fuller/Sonny Terry: Harmonica Blues
16. Leroy Carr: When the Sun Goes Down
17. Brownie McGhee: Death of Blind Boy Fuller
18. Leadbelly: Irene Goodnight
19. Robert Johnson: Walking Blues
20. Hot Lips Page: Thirsty Mama Blues
Disc #6
1. Jimmy Yancey: Yancey's Getaway
2. Leadbelly: Rock Island Line
3. Blind Boy Fuller: Got to Find My Little Woman
4. Memphis Slim: Me, Myself and I
5. Sleepy John Estes: Jailhouse Blues
6. Henry Thomas: Red River Blues
7. Memphis Minnie: I'm Not a Bad Girl
8. Willie Newbern: Roll and Tumble Blues Hambone
9. Arthur Big Boy Crudup: I'm in the Mood
10. Robert Johnson: 32-20 Blues
11. John Lee Sonny Boy Williamson: Love Me Baby
12. Kokomo Arnold: Black Mattie
13. Big Joe Turner: Johnson and Turner Blues
14. Bessie Smith: Gulf Coast Blues
15. Big Bill Broonzy: It's Your Time Now
16. Lightnin' Hopkins: Thinkin' and Worryin'
17. T-Bone Walker: Evening
18. Blind Willie McTell: Savannah Mama
19. Blind Boy Fuller/Sonny Terry: Lonesome Train
20. Big Joe Williams: I'm Getting Wild About Her
Disc #7
1. Robert Johnson: Cross Road Blues
2. Big Joe Williams: Please Don't Go
3. Blind Willie McTell: Lord Have Mercy If You Please
4. Blind Boy Fuller/Sonny Terry: Precious Lord
5. Lightnin' Hopkins: Picture on the Wall
6. Big Bill Broonzy: Southern Flood Blues
7. Big Joe Turner: I Got a Gal For Every Day in the Week)
8. Bessie Smith: Beale Street Mama
9. T-Bone Walker: Don't Leave Me Baby
10. Kokomo Arnold: Neck Bone Blues
11. Bukka White: Aberdeen Mississippi Blues
12. Memphis Minnie: Looking the World Over
13. John Lee Sonny Boy Williamson: Black Panther Blues
14. Hot Lips Page: Uncle Sam's Blues
15. Sleepy John Estes: Time is Drawing Near
16. Arthur Big Boy Crudup: Boy Friend Blues
17. Blind Boy Fuller: I'm a Black Woman's Man
18. Blind John Davis: Rockin' Chair Boogie
19. Leadbelly: On Monday
20. Jimmy Yancey: How Long Blues
Disc #8
1. Big Joe Turner: Little Bitty Gal's Blues
2. Big Bill Broonzy: Mountain Blues
3. Bessie Smith: Frosty Morning Blues
4. Leadbelly: See See Rider
5. Arthur Big Boy Crudup: No More Lovers
6. Blind John Davis: C.C. Rider
7. Kokomo Arnold: Buddies Brown Blues
8. Blind Boy Fuller: Dealing With the Devil
9. John Lee Sonny Boy Williamson: I Have Got to Go
10. Jimmy Yancey: Yancey Stomp
11. Scrapper Blackwell: Kokomo Blues
12. Sleepy John Estes: Tell Me How About It (Mr. Tom's Blues)
13. The Mississippi Sheiks: Sitting on Top of the World
14. Robert Johnson: Come on in My Kitchen
15. Mississippi John Hurt: Stack O' Lee
16. Memphis Slim: This Life I'm Living
17. Big Joe Williams: Crawling King Snake
18. Lightnin' Hopkins: Someday Baby
19. Blind Willie McTell: My Baby's Gone
20. Blind Boy Fuller/Sonny Terry: You Got to Have Your Dollar
Disc #9
1. Lightnin' Hopkins: Nightmare Blues
2. T-Bone Walker: She's Going to Ruin Me
3. Jimmy Yancey: State Street Special
4. Big Joe Turner: Rocks in My Bed
5. Big Joe Williams: His Spirit Lives On
6. Robert Johnson: Last Fair Deal Gone Blues
7. Memphis Slim: You Didn't Mean Me No Good
8. Johnnie Temple: Lead Pencil Blues
9. Sleepy John Estes: Mailman Blues
10. Blind Boy Fuller: Double Trouble
11. John Lee Sonny Boy Williamson: Early in the Morning
12. Mississippi John Hurt: Big Leg Blues
13. Blind Boy Fuller/Sonny Terry: Bus Rider's Blues
14. Kokomo Arnold: Head Cuttin' Blues
15. Arthur Big Boy Crudup: She's Gone
16. Hot Lips Page: You'd Be Frantic Too
17. Leadbelly: Alberta
18. Bessie Smith: Mean Old Bedbug Blues
19. Big Bill Broonzy: Oh Baby (Don't Do Me That Way)
20. Blind Willie McTell: Broke Down Engine
Disc #10
1. Memphis Slim: Blues At Midnight
2. Hot Lips Page: Just Another Woman
3. Blind Boy Fuller/Sonny Terry: Blowin' the Blues
4. Big Bill Broonzy: Long Tall Mama
5. Bessie Smith: Sweet Mistreater
6. Leadbelly: Eagle Rock Rag
7. Kokomo Arnold: Broke Man Blues
8. Sleepy John Estes: Mary Come on Home
9. John Lee Sonny Boy Williamson: Decoration Blues
10. Blind Willie McTell: Love-Makin' Mama
11. Charlie Patton: Revenue Man Blues
12. Mississippi John Hurt: Frankie
13. Blind Boy Fuller: Woman, I'm Done
14. Casey Bill Weldon: Go Ahead, Buddy
15. Arthur Big Boy Crudup: Dirt Road Blues
16. Lightnin' Hopkins: You're Gonna Miss Me
17. Robert Johnson: Kindhearted Woman Blues
18. Jimmy Yancey: Five O'clock Blues
19. Big Joe Williams: Little Leg Woman
20. Big Joe Turner: Somebody's Got to Go


Ordered, couldn't resist at that price, + £1 code they sent me

Original Poster

Thank You ... Yes I've Ordered as well seems a wonderful collection of Original Blues Recordings

I have lots of blues cds already but loads of these tracks are new to me. Blues cheers me up lol

It's arrived!
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