Going Going Gone (3G) Sale Starts Friday 1st May @ B&Q
Going Going Gone (3G) Sale Starts Friday 1st May @ B&Q

Going Going Gone (3G) Sale Starts Friday 1st May @ B&Q

I thought someone would have posted this by now, but can't see it.

The last one didn't get much support - how cold can you make this one?

Whole bathroom suite - £125
Mobile air conditioning unit 12,000btu - £139
Sandex Masonary Paint 10l - £20
2 burner gas barbie - £59


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Instore only.

i love the you wont find it cheaper section at the bottom of the advert, that sounds like a challenge for all the HUKD members out there

lol, bog to go!

there are a few other deals on also , hope you dont mind me adding a couple (i hit both b&q for the 3g's and homebase for the 10% yesterday, such a fun life LOL)

these deals were on a flyer i got thru the door and my local store had almost all of them,

Dulux emulsion 2.5l - £10 each
j arthur bowers compost 60l bags £3 each or 4 for £10
broadland 6 panel moulded interior door £12
makita 18v combi drill was £179 now £99.98
vax VP-78 multipack vac carpet washer & steamer - £60

also the loo's to go arent bad, we bought one for our downstairs loo and they are ok, does what a toilet needs to do LOL, although the plastic seat feels cheap but its easy to buy & fit a diff one and you still have a really cheap nice toilet.

Dulux emulsion 2.5l - £10 each

been to B&Q and Homebase this morning, Homebase have 2.5l Dulux on 3 for 2 at the moment so if you need 3 its cheaper to buy from there, works out at £9 a pot.

air con for 140 thing thats a bargain, but then you take of 10% so comes out at about £125 which to me is a bargain. heat (yes the ac does do heating) and rep on route:thumbsup:
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