GOJI G6PVR17 Card 3D Virtual Reality Glasses  £1.97 @ Currys

GOJI G6PVR17 Card 3D Virtual Reality Glasses £1.97 @ Currys

Found 16th Jun 2017
Cheap VR cardboard glasses, akin to Google cardboard but at a fair price for what it is. Good idea if you want just to try this VR thing before forking out for a proper, more sturdy kit with a headband (or go all the way with an HTC Vive etc.).


exactly as described. For less than a pint you can try out vr. Well worth it. I had a set and were great novelty fun.

I'm sure I got these for like 40p somewhere before

Shane you missed the free ones from BT a week or so ago, much better quality. Try your local EE ship they may still have some.
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Get some hard plastic ones in homebargains £5.99 will last alot longer

These were £25 before Christmas.

what the heck lol, this looks like a joke? but at this price I have to try this lol. Hope it works with my phone!

Ok, I am been really dumb, but this is a **** take right?
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