gold blend 300g coffee £5 @ Tesco
gold blend 300g coffee £5 @ Tesco

gold blend 300g coffee £5 @ Tesco

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200g coffee with 50% extra free so 300G for £5


asda are doing 2 x 300g for £7 at the mo

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looks like i will go to asda then

they have been selling the 200g for £4 for ages and ages - so the 50% extra is not 'free'.

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300g at £5 works out at 1.66 per 100g asda are showing 2x200g @£7 works out at £1.75 per100g

in store it was definatly 2 x 300g for £7

Sainsburys are doing 200g for £3.50

mmmmmmmmmm rat pee

I've voted this hot. The price in Tesco works out at £1.67 per 100g. The usual price of a 200g jar is £4, making it £2 per 100g. I've just looked on Asda and they are advertising 2 x 200g for £7, but they are also saying that a 200g jar is only £3 - don't know what to make of that!!!
So, £5 for 300g is actually a good price.
Especially as my nearest Asda is at least a 20 minute drive away and Tesco is just round the corner.
Asda deal is good if you can find the 200g jars with the 50% extra free and get two of those for £7, that makes the cost £1.17 for 100g. Otherwise, cost for 2 x 200g jars is £1.75 per 100g.

Bad deal oO
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