Gold Sequin Blazer - was £69.99 now £7.50 @ River Island

Gold Sequin Blazer - was £69.99 now £7.50 @ River Island

Found 8th Jan 2010Made hot 9th Jan 2010
For all you fashion freaks - like myself lol.

Will compliment ANY outfit :-), many sizes in stock online, although it is also
available instore.

They also have it in Silver for the same price... The black one is £12.50.



"Will compliment ANY outfit "
Will they go with the silver trousers posted earlier ;-)

I was wondering what to do with all the foil we've got left over from Christmas - River Island must have had the same idea!

In the gold size 6, 8 or 10 its now £7.50.
(I was only looking for a joke.....really!)

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In the gold size 6, 8 or 10 its now £7.50.(I was only looking for a … In the gold size 6, 8 or 10 its now £7.50.(I was only looking for a joke.....really!)

Oh my goodness!!!

I've just ordered again to get it at £7.50, will return the one I ordered 2days ago at £15:thumbsup:!

Wonder if martin fry has seen this....:oops: "who broke my heart? you did! you did!"

Excellent for Karaoke night.

DAM DAM DAM, Bought one last week at a much higher price

Jesus!! What's it with everyone posting terrible gear on here the last couple of days??!!


they selling off Gary Glitters Wardrobe

own up if you paid £69.99 for this before the sale ????

Thanks, just what I needed :?

does this come with a free game show?

Does this come with a free "tropicana" tan?

Hilarious thread - thanks for making me giggle

Whats the product number? I can't find it & the link just leads to the home page?!?!?!


she seems to like the look

None left:whistling:

I'll vote hot as it's a big saving, but not only would I not be seen dead in this tacky rag, I would not wish my cremated ashes to be in the same proximity as anything that looks as outrageous as this. When did the 80s vomit all over Topshop's stock?

aww, I was looking to get one


"Will compliment ANY outfit"

...if it was 1983

is it wrong that I'm disapointed to find out this is a womens jacket? I would have had a blokes version of this just for a laugh.

I would wear this to Tescos to buy a £1.97 video recorder.


None left:whistling:

Oh noes! I bet Adam Ant bought them all!

I can't locate it on their website! help.

haha fab!

its good for keeping in the dressing up box!

you wanna be in my gang, my gang my gang




membership to the magic circle not included

Hiya, can I have my jacket back now?

Just got the last one what you think
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