Golden Autumn 3D Screensaver
Golden Autumn 3D Screensaver

Golden Autumn 3D Screensaver

Autumn is a wonderful time when Nature is preparing for a nice winter sleep but before it all goes, it shows off all of its beauty with myriads of bright colors. The occasional showers get you in that special state of mind when you start looking back and thinking about the meaning of it all.
This 3D screensaver creates that unique atmosphere right on your desktop. Enjoy the entrancing beauty and surrender to the meditative mood of the moment!

•Full 3D environment
•High-quality animation
•Extremely realistic, colorful graphics
•Wide variety of scenes and settings
•Relaxing music and sound effects
•FPS counter
•Digital clock
•The unique atmosphere of early fall on your desktop
•Enjoy the entrancing beauty of golden autumn!

System Requirements: Windows 9x/ 2000/ XP/ Vista

(Note from LUKEM2-- Not used this myself, not compatible with Win7)


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It's quite restful, looks like second life.

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User Rating: Rate It! * 68 (21%) (LIke it)* 252 (79%) ( DOnt Like it)

Point taken, i did see that. when i clicked on the comments, it was just like "Not my taste" or "I like it", I didn't include it because i thought it was personal pref', maybe i shoud've..

This got blocked as Spyware for me see the message below. So Cold for me but would have been nice

Trend Micro URL Filter
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URL: astrogemini.com/sol…tem

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Credibility Level: Dangerous

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Not available anymore

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Not available anymore

Sorry my bad, expired it now
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