Golden Ballz - or Wiki M-Cube - £11.99 with free post & 15% quidco at

Golden Ballz - or Wiki M-Cube - £11.99 with free post & 15% quidco at

Found 12th Jun 2011
This seemed a good deal - these have been around a while now but the gold versions are usually dearer so £11.99 is a good price. There is free postage and I think currently a generous 15% cashback via quidco bringing it down to £10.20. Not sure if this version is as good as the official M-Cube but worth a punt I think.

Golden Ballz (or the Wiki M-cube) is a stack of 216 magnetic balls fashioned into a cube that you can pull to pieces and create infinite patterns with. Make them into a long string, fold them into shapes, or try and make them back into a cube again - all are possible (and infuriatingly difficult to complete). With one of these on your desk or in your pocket you’ll never be bored again.


What I ike is the Antigravity platform shown on the same page. Well cool but the price is a little of putting

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just thought I'd follow up my original cube arrived today and its VERY addictive! if there IS a difference between this "unofficial" one and a genuine Wiki M-cube must be minimal. Everyone who has played with this can't put it down and getting it back into a perfect cube is quite tricky & frustrating until your discover the knack of doing it. One of my better purchases!
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