Golden Compass on Wii at Amazon for £6.36 and delivered for free
Golden Compass on Wii at Amazon for £6.36 and delivered for free

Golden Compass on Wii at Amazon for £6.36 and delivered for free

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Play as the heroes from the film. Embark on a journey into the frozen north as rebellious and headstrong heroine Lyra, who uses her cunning to evade enemies. Or charge forward as her powerful friend and protector, Iorek - a giant armoured polar bear able to overcome any obstacle with his brute strength.
Explore a parallel universe. Immerse yourself in the world of The Golden Compass movie and discover the majestic grandeur of Jordan College, the hustle and bustle of port town Trollesund, or the dark and foreboding research station at Bolvangar. Go beyond the movie with two areas from the His Dark Materials universe exclusive to the game.
Discover a powerful bond greater than friendship. Experience the collaborative bond between Lyra and her unique animal-companion, Pan, who has the ability to morph into a variety of different creatures to help Lyra solve puzzles and navigate obstacles throughout her perilous journey.
The Golden Compass will lead the way. Use the truth-telling Golden Compass to solve in-game puzzles and unlock bonus content, allowing you to explore the worlds as seen in the movie.
Use quick wit to discover and evade. Participate in a variety of themed mini-games to help Lyra gain further information about her journey and avoid confrontation with those that mean her harm.



Closing CommentsEven if you were completely charmed by Philip Pullman's … Closing CommentsEven if you were completely charmed by Philip Pullman's work or enjoyed the movie adaptation, there's absolutely no reason to give this game a try. Even the music, as pretty as it is, can't redeem such poor gameplay and atrocious presentation. There have been a ton of great game releases recently, so just give one of those a try instead. We assure you that you're not missing anything by sitting this one out.

Score = 3.5 out of 10

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http://uk.wii.ign.com/articles/841/841487p1.htmlScore = 3.5 out of 10

4**** out of 5*****
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I brought this games because of the price and im glad i did, i have enjoyed playing this alot more than mario etc which are a lot more expensive and have better reviews.

If you enjoy platform games, its excellent value for money, the only moan is that it only saves at the end of each level, therefore you end up repeating parts.

A great buy and i love the clips from the film which are shown throughout. If you like the film, its very simlar!

Basically what I am trying to say is its a matter of opinion. We are all different.

Voted this hot on the price alone. The reviews I read on ign and gamespot arent too good though but hey, someone may like it I was tempted though...

I've had an Amazon £2.50 gift voucher that I got from here for the match hunt many months ago.
I have used that to get this for £3.86.
I hope my daughters like it come Christmas time. :thumbsup:


great price, voted hot.

Voted hot for stocking filler.



Thanks Voted hot, hope my 6 yr old will enjoy it.

For £6 it's a bargain , suppose he only plays it for a couple of weeks.

cex will give you £5 cash/£7 trade so you won't lose out if you don't like it at this price!

The reviews don't bode well, the average was ]35% on metacritic, it sounds like it has no redeeming features.

I got this game on my ps2. it's ok, a little bit irratating at times, but i wanted to finish the game, which i did. i think if its for kids they will need their parents help at times, maybe on the compass. also you have to look through the eyes of the character so to speak, and see a tree, and tree - peace or something, collecting all of these clues helps with the compass, to get further on in the game. im 26, and i found it hard even at times :oops: then again i could suck at games :-D. its worth buying it, it's fun if you like games like this
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