Golden compass ps2 £1.50 delivered @ WH Smith !

Golden compass ps2 £1.50 delivered @ WH Smith !

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First post for what seems like a fairly rubbish game but somebody may want it

However, for those who can be bothered, cex giving £1.60 trade in cash, or £3 trade…tml


You're posting to tell us about a rubbish game ? lol

I have orderd this 4 times from whsmith in the past few months, cancelled everytime. 5th time lucky maybe :-)

Its not dodgy! A great stocking filler for a kid..... and a bargain for £1.50 delivered! Have played it myself and I.m the wrong side of 40!

got this on ps3 when it was 5 pounds. rubbish game but just thought that for 5 pounds i may as well try it than trade it in at cex.


is it as bad as the movie?

got to be worth it even if its just for the trade in value

I got this a month ago when it was posted on here, also for £1.50.
Haven't opened it yet as it's a Christmas pressy for one of my daughters.
I hope it's not as bad as some people are saying.
Still for £1.50 what the hell.

I also got this a month ago. It came in an unsealed box and the disk was scratched with loads of fingerprints on. I'd bought it for someone as a present and didn't like to give it in that state. I returned it to a WH Smith store and got a refund - no problem. Might try and order it again though - for £1.50 its cheaper than a kids magazine!

where do u get the £1.60 cash?

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for the trade in got to [url][/url] , i have never played the game but have heard its poor, i posted it for the 10p cash profit or £1.40 trade in profit

Thanks - I ordered one and just completed it. was ok - aimed for kids about 10-12. Took about 10 hours for an adult to complete lol
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