Golden Compass Xbox 360 £1 and PS3 £3! instore @ Tesco

Golden Compass Xbox 360 £1 and PS3 £3! instore @ Tesco

Found 26th Sep 2009
Golden Compass on Xbox and PS3 for £1 and £3 respectively! PS3 version was labelled £12 but scanned at £3! As far as I know it is instore only!


Maybe sega could have left the disc blank it may have been worth more.

Cant grumble at the price... but supposedly a pretty naff game.

Hey for £3 though it may keep the kids entertained for an afternoon, then again maybe not

its rubbish, how ever game trade it in for £2 store credit on the xbox 360

Maybe if your kids have been pretty rotten you should give them an afternoon with this game.

The buy for £1.00 trade in for £2.00 option is about the only reason to buy this, but that's £1.00 for a lot of hassel.

Well at a quid you cant complain...especially if you gift it at Christmas, ideal secret santa material:santa:

Saw it the other day.. but I might have been tempted if it was 1p or less but not more..

1 pound is always a good deal... although it's a crappy game xD

god its only a pound entertain the kids for a bit.

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I'm sure it'll entertain the kids for a bit! It normally cost me over a £1 for a tiny toy car in the supermarket and that only keeps him entertained for 5 mins!
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