Golden Sun: Dark Dawn PRE-ORDER (Nintendo DS) 24.99 @ Amazon

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn PRE-ORDER (Nintendo DS) 24.99 @ Amazon

Found 6th Aug 2010
Been waiting for this for yonks!

I'm not too sure what is considered cheap for NDS games, but this feels cheap to me.


Or a £2 dstt card and 2mins on the net, I don't agree with piracy but how can this be worth £25 its a little piece of plastic and the fact is if the games where a reasonable price like £9.99 there would be no need for piracy as people wouldnt mind paying that but upto £40 for a game which the disc costs 20p for a 360 and £3 for a ps3 where does all the rest go because its not to the developers so they could sell them a lot cheaper than they do.

Are you serious? X)
That is such a silly reason for not paying £25.

Your forgetting all the man hours being put into creating these games and thousands or millions of dollars/yen/euros/pounds being spent to create games. Plus don't forget to pay licensing fees for developing on consoles, manufacturing and distribution costs.

Anyway this game should be good, like previous Golden Sun games.

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Seems like an OK price. I'll try my luck nearer to release.

And polly, the price is a number of things: It has to cover production costs, right through from planning, development, testing, and publishing. You then need to add some on for the retailers to make some profit, otherwise there's no point in stocking it.

Download only games will be the future sadly - and these have no resale value. This IMO will happen sooner if pirating increases

This is gonna be a great game and a fair price
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I say that if a game is good and if a lot of effort has been put into a game, it is worth every penny of its price.

If people pay for good games then in turn it will encourage developers to make an effort if they see that good games sell.

Also, i believe that it will probably be cheaper at release, but this is for the impatient ones out there
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