Goldeneye 007 For Nintendo DS - £7.99 Delivered @ Base

Goldeneye 007 For Nintendo DS - £7.99 Delivered @ Base

Found 10th Mar 2011Made hot 12th Mar 2011
The GoldenEye story comes to life once again with an updated single player storyline featuring Daniel Craig as Bond and wrltten by Bruce Feirstein, the screenwriterfor the original movie. Surprise enemies covertly or engage in a full on firefight and use Bond's latest gadget to uncover intel an augmented reality as you relive all the classic GoldenEye movie moments. lnfiltrate the dam and destroy the facility; chase Ourumov in the tank through the streets of St. Petersburgh and investigate the secret jungle base.

Deep Customisable Multiplayer Experience: Play WiFi with up to 6 players on 8 exciting multiplayer maps. Compete in challenging game modes like Golden Gun mode and customise your game match with unique game modifiers and a variety of classic weapons

Rich Single Player Experiance: Unlock unique puzzles and collectables through 18 levels of story mode. Replay all your favourite levels and challenge your friends in the 'Time Trials' mode

Unique NDS Mechanics: Engaging and intuitive interactions for the Nintendo DS. Smash open doors, access encrypted keypads and crack enemy databases


Unfortunately it's apparently not a brilliant game, metacritic score 64.
However, also not a terrible game, so £7,99 seems a good price.

Nice price, Rhys135. It's the best around by miles, many thanks! We've featured this deal at Dealspwn, HUKD's gaming blog.
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